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what sort of exercise would prepare me for the BMOQ best possible?


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I was a drop-out years ago , off the BMOQ, faced against the wall in 8th or 9th week timing.
I have been chewing every causing factor that got me out of it - that time , i made a excuse that my spouse couldn't handle.

Odd enough, it ain't be due to that or intense hostility from NCMs trees but the short of stamina I had.
I am re-enlisting but i want to maximize my fitness level as high as to ram over all that psychological hassles. Can anyone suggest some 3~4 days/wk workout schedule , increasing stamina and sensory functions to the best?

I do not trust anything off Youtube contents. it is all liberalized.
First off, you might want to increase your cardio. Doing jogging, running, being able to job several kilometers. You also might want to work on core muscles. Weight lifting, upper and lower body reps. Doing loaded ruck marches. There's no real secret about being physically fit; you need to be constant, disciplined and focused on goals to achieve. Work on building a solid midset as well; do shit you don't like and own it.