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What book are you reading now?


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Some Administrative Notes From Mike

While it's ok to simply post the title of the book you are reading, it's better if you can jot down a few words about what you liked or disliked about it. Maybe even made a recommendation of Read It or Pass to the community here based on your overall impression.

In the end a list of book titles is not nearly as useful as some insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each book.

Just like at EndEx, your misery is only validated if you complete an AAR. :warstory:

So what are you army.ca forum addicts reading? Fiction or non fiction. Sorry boys Penthouse Letters don't count :D

Larry Bond's First Team
I just finished Starship Troopers for the umpteenth time.

Started to reread War and Peace again. I don't know why I like it. The style of writing is like licking paint on walls.
As usual, I'm reading the Army.ca Forum, and depending what thread I'm in, it could be Fact (army.ca subscribers thread) or utter Fiction (Political thread) ;)
I'm reading Physical Geology by Eyles, Eyles and Plummer......Go summer school!

I will also be reading some Urban Historial Geography Courseware package in the next few days....Go being a TA!
Heinlein's Time enough for love

And Prehospital Emergency Care & Crisis Intervention

Generation Kill by Evan Wright

Excellent book thus far.
"Fire and Sword in the Sudan" by Col R. (Rudolph) Slatin Pasha

Slatin was an Austrian officer and was seconded as the Egyptian governor of Darfur province in the late 1870s.  He was captured in the Mahdi's revolt and didn't escape until 1895.  The book was written shortly after his return to Europe.  Very interesting to read what's changed and (especially) what hasn't.
Well I'm pretty convinced I'm on a special list at school for pontentail non-conformists in the last month I've taken out:
1984- orwell
Animal farm- Orwell
Catcher in the rye
a man call interpid
and Shake hands with the devil

I am reading this forum

Mod Edit.....if you are going for non relevant comments to the topic try and pick something that was not said on the first page.  ::)
"What went Wrong: The clash between Islam and Modernity in th Middle East (Bernard Lewis) Good read

"The Communist Manifesto" (Karl Marx) ... Dear god please make it stop!!!
"AI Game Engine Programming" , by Brian Schwab.   Nice methods and well written.

"Salt", SF novel by Adam Roberts. One of the better science fiction writers to appear in the past few years.

Recently finished reading "An Army at Dawn", by Rick Atkinson. Very nice read. Wish I had more time for these kind of books.
"Canada's Army" by JL Granatstein

"Don't Eat this book" by Morgan Spurlock. So far, overly dependant on statistics without details to explain what he is trying to prove.
"Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact" (John Cornwell)

"Selected Poems" (Alden Nowlan)