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West Novies Out there ?

Dec 93'-Dec 96' , Hung out with most of you homo's above....good times.....
hey Doug, those tendencies kinda faded once Dean H moved on.
You fags should all kiss and make up. Man I hate  :crybaby:.

Listen up. Keep out of my mind.

John Mac said:
I was a Novie, 94-03, D Coy, 1 Platoon and 2 Platoon. And, yes, I know Richie (purple monkey dishwasher)

purple monkey dishwasher was jeff smileys thing but yeah we had some good times with that.
I was OPFOR for you guys the last couple weekends... it was a great time. You guys are wicked to work with.. hopefully I get another opportunity to torment your patrols, gates and camps in the future  ;D