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Wanted: "Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV)"

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This from the public tender site:
Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is seeking information on an new capability involving acquisition of ultra-light combat vehicles (ULCV's) to support the Department of National Defence (DND). Refer to the attached document for complete details on this Request for Information (RFI).

The objective of the RFI is to share DND's requirement and seek feedback from Industry on potential options to meet Canadian Armed Force needs and associated capability, schedule and cost as requested under Section 6 of the RFI document.  This is the first step of an Industry Engagement process where the ULCV project will be seeking initial input on availability of technology, ability for industry to deliver and cost estimates for the initial acquisition of the required ULCV capability.

To augment the information being requested in this RFI, there will be an industry equipment demonstration to provide an opportunity for DND to view the vehicles and allow Industry to present its equipment in an interactive environment.  Participation in this activity is voluntary and non-participation will not prejudice the follow-on procurement.  The demonstrations will take place during the week of 19 October 2015.  The demonstrations will be held at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario ....
From the RFI package (attached):
.... The ULCVs are required to be true light-weight high mobility tactical vehicles, which provide critical integral tactical maneuver to the Canadian Armed Forces deployed out of area in support of Counter Terrorism and High Value Task operations. This vehicle will be used in low, medium and high intensity threat environments and is expected to be off-road 75 % of the time. The ULCV is expected to operate in a wide variety of temperatures (-32 C to + 49 C) and climates, from temperate to the extremes found in desert or tropical climates (humidity ranging from 0 to 100 %). Furthermore, a combination of urban or rural  environments situated within mountainous, plains, jungle and woodland areas should be expected.  The ULCV will operate on roads of varying quality ranging from paved highways, dirt trails and in most cases broken and/or uneven ground. The ULCV will be operated by personnel who will be experiencing the effects of battle fatigue therefore it must be capable of continuous operations with minimum breakdown, damage or operator maintenance. The ULCV must provide maximum flexibility when tailoring specific force packages. The integration of user supplied communication equipment and weapons systems will be required. The ULCV must have growth potential to accommodate future technological and system capability improvements in numerous areas such as: maneuver, firepower/weapon systems, protection/survivability, human systems and communications/sensors ....
How light do are we looking for?

Win World War Z on this mean green 'survival bike'


Everyone knows that when the zombie apocalypse comes, the roads are going to be choked with traffic from drivers who abandoned their cars when they, um, lost their heads. So what you'll need to get around is a bike. And, in my opinion, there simply is no better bike for navigating your way through the brain-splattered aftermath of World War Z than the Motopeds Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition.

If you're unfamiliar with Motopeds, it's a company that "uses a 49cc-to-155cc 4-stroke horizontal OHV motor and downhill mountain bike parts mounted to a custom frame and swing arm" to create "a high-quality motorized bicycle at a great price," according to its website.

For the Survival Bike, the company has equipped its already cool-looking chassis with gear that's essential for blasting through columns of the undead, including a Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow, United Cutlery M48 Hawk Harpoon, Gerber Fixed Blade Saw, Blackburn X6 Light System, climbing rope and carabiners, extra gas storage, and a bike mount for your iPhone, because it's important to have the right playlist banging in your ears when you're kicking some zombie butt.

The bike's not quite ready for sale yet, but Motopeds says on its Facebook page: "The Survival Motoped will be priced very soon, we just want to get all the first Motopeds out prior. We will make these bikes very affordable as well." The post also says the Survival Bike will get about 80-120 miles per gallon, so that's an another advantage it'll have with those post-apocalyptic gas supplies dwindling.

I wonder if Motoped will be taking any of the Facebook fan comments on board before releasing the bike. One commenter suggests that the air filter be enclosed in some kind of protective housing, while another wonders if the bike will be available with gas cans bigger than the gallon-ish standard size. Of all the Facebook comments though, I have to say my favorite is: "Shut up and take my soul."

Better than what the zombies are going to take if you don't get away on this bike?

Rocky Mountains said:
Why doesn't somebody invent the Jeep?


1.4.1 Weights and Dimensions The proposed ULCV has a Curb Weight (CW) of
2040 kg or less
as defined in TOP 2-2-801, Weight
Distribution and Ground Pressure (Wheeled and Tracked
Vehicles), US Army Development Test Command, Test
Operations Procedure
. The proposed ULCV is capable of carrying a
Payload of 1475 kg under all Mission Profile conditions as
described in the RFI paragraphs 2, 3.1 and 3.2, Mission
Profile, and as defined in TOP 2-2-801, Weight Distribution
and Ground Pressure (Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles, US
Army Development Test Command, Test Operations

Close but no seegar (but a damsight cheaper)

Jeep J8

GVW 3,864 kg (8,518 lb)
Curb Weight 2,600 kg (5,732 lb)



Payload 1,264 kg (2,787 lb)
Trailer Towing 3,500 kg (7,716 lb)
Maybe something built along these principles:


Two for Chris Pook, who is a big fan. The DAGOR mounting a minigun has a much higher LCF, but probably a much higher curb weight as well!
Can any of these carry thirty tons of bolt-on armour, though?

Because as soon as one rolls over an IED, we will get Iltis Scandal II spurting from the press and whatever political parties were not in office when the contract was signed...
So the operational standard for the Canadian Armed Forces is: No soldiers will die.
Our friends to the South probably have a parking lot full of FAVs in Ft Lewis that aren't doing anything.
Chris Pook said:
So the operational standard for the Canadian Armed Forces is: No soldiers will die.

That appears to be the political standard.
We already have a ULCV. This pair just seem to need a little 'Kiwi love' :)

Interesting to compare the Polaris to this:



Not to mention an impossible-to-spoof navigation system....