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WANTED: Home in CFB Esquimalt area


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I've been posted to CFB Esquimalt, daughter registered and now attending at a local school, but we hit a small.... (hah hah hah) snag. We are 168th on the Priority 2 waitlist to get into PMQs. Right now we are commuting my daughter to school and me to work from up island (my enrollment location) but it's getting old very fast.

I'm looking for anything on a private's salary ($1250 a month max) that would house my daughter (age 9), husband (retired military), dog (she's a small german shepherd/rhodesian ridgeback cross), myself, two vehicles and all that lovely military kit that comes with military life. So far this has proven a challenging task and I'm asking the community for help.

If you have a lead or know someone, please email me or pass it along. Thanks so much!!

coralnewport@gmail.com [:) :cdn: [:D
You will be hard pressed to find anything on the south side of the Malahat for 1250$ per month.

I wish you good luck.