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Vehicle Technician ( merged )

Trucktech said:
After you finish your QL5, here in Alberta they give you your provincial equivalency.


I understand you are not stationed in Ontario.

But, do you know if QL5 provincial equivalency in Ontario would include:

( Ontario ) Heavy Duty Equipment Technician 421A and,

( Ontario ) Truck and Coach Technician 310T


( I searched. )
I am a vehicle technician with dozens of trade related certificates ranging from advanced diagnostics to basic systems. I am A.S.E certified (automotive service excellence) in all areas except manual transmission. I am factory trained on every major piece of shop equipment I can think of. I have trained dozens of apprentices and journeymen technicians. I served on an advisory committee for several years with Centennial College guiding the motive power trades. I have managed large auto centres for Canadian Tire.
What I don't have is a provincial licence. I have tryed but the problem lies in documenting my hours. It basically requires the garage I worked for admitting violating restricted skill set rules. In actuality it did not, as my role was a trainer when I was hands on it was with a journymen or an apprentise that was assigned to journeymen.

The question I have is. What would be the likely outcome if my unit was to forward off my PLAR without the easily recognizable trade licence. Would they look passed that as other provinces (I'm in Ontario) don't have red seal programs.
I would assume with ASE your likely going to be OK to get something but the best people to ask would be your Chain.  I've seen a few cases of people getting granted past experience and others getting told tough luck its really an individual basis on how much you can prove on paper.  If your over in PAT talk to the commissionaire and see what they can do.  If they wont help as they often take their sweet time doing anything talk to your MCpls.
Thank you Tollis for your reply. I'm in the reserves so not in pat. Although I am close to Borden.
I had sent it up my chain. It was my chain that had concerns that it would be better if I tried to get the license first. Before they sent it to Eme.
vehtech said:
Thank you Tollis for your reply. I'm in the reserves so not in pat. Although I am close to Borden.
I had sent it up my chain. It was my chain that had concerns that it would be better if I tried to get the license first. Before they sent it to Eme.

Running out and getting your license is NO guarantee that you will be granted anything by the CF.  A section asked me to review a file one day on one of their Pte's who enrolled as a PH Tech (Plumbing and Heating) and who had "Red Seal" qualifications prior to enrolment.  He was originally given nothing, had to do the full QL3 Crse but when we went back and challenged the original PLAR, all they added were exemptions for about 60% of his QL5 course.  No credit towards his pay or rank.....  The guy was MORE qualified than the civilians they had on staff...lol
Running out and getting your license is NO guarantee that you will be granted anything by the CF. 

True. My chain looked favorably on file, simply suggested if I could get the red seal do that first.
My desire for a positive outcome to my plar request stems from
not wanting to waste resources by funding training I don't feel I need.
Rank or pay increases are not my modivators.  That's also not to say I wouldn't be willing to accept responsibility of a rank increase.  I have less then a year in the Forces so rushing for rank is premature.
So, forgive my ignorance of how your particular civilian trade worked, but how could you, as an unlicensed mechanic, train jouneymen and apprentices? Would they not need to prove they were working under a licensed supervisor?

That aside, despite the list of training accomplishments and experience you provided below, in order for you to get a favourable result from the PLAR, you will have to demonstrate a direct link between your training and experience with the job requirements and skills taught on the veh tech courses. For instance being the service manager and having the certifications to use lots of gucci kit is hard to equate how you will be able to work at the Pte/Cpl rank with our limited equipment, on SMP vehicles.

If the meat is there though in your file, and the direct links are made, you should stand a good chance of getting some advanced standing/quals granted.

Best of luck.
An apprentice would be signed to the garage being the training establishment. The powers to be with ministry of university and colleges never gave issue. The apprentices were working along side journeymen. Trade school only covers a fraction of what a mechanic needs to learn. My experience would vastly out weigh that of newer mechanic. Even seasoned mechanics coming in to my shop may be limited in experiences based on services offered by their previous work place.
As for Gucci kit. Today's vehicles with multiple networked computers and kilometers of wiring, sensors, modules and the programming requires a high level of kit and knowledge to service. That experience makes army systems easy to diagnose without kit.

Thanks to all that have responded.
When it all boils down however it turns out I will accept the outcome. If I find myself on a course that too easy I'll mentor the ones who need it. The sole reason for joining up, to serve as needed.
cupper said:
Unless things have changed since I was a Veh Tech ('89) there is no specific specialty for vehicle recovery as you would find in the US Army. All Vehicle Techs undergo recovery training as part of the various qualification courses (or whatever they call it these days).

I can only speak as a reservist, but when we were in garrison, if tasked in the recovery platoon, you were responsible for maintaining the 5-ton Wrecker and / or the MRT. You would also check the associated equipment used in recovery (chains, tools, anchors and rigging equipment, etc).

Yes things have changed, on the Reserve side. I had done recovery as part of my TQ Training in Borden during the 1980's, been Crew Chiefing the 5Ton Wreckers since my TQ3 (QL5). In 1993 I did the same conversion course for the HLVW Wrecker as the Regs got. Approx mid 2000's someone back east, whom had HLVW Wrecker on 404's (without the training), did a bunch of damage (don't know the details) & as a result the Pres Wrecker Qual was deemed VOID. But in my case, working at the unit,I needed "supervision" from the Ops Wo (Reg Veh Tech) & if I was at the Base Wksp, it would grab whom ever as a swamper (Military or Civy).

In 2007 I was at Borden again, to do the Pilot Reserve Recovery Course. I went & did the course to shut Brigade up. It was also a good opportunity to practice some pulls, that I haven't done in years. I knew 3 of the course instructors, from working with them before. I had surprised the other instructors, with my skills & knowedge. A month & a half later, in Wainwright,  one of the instructors tried to arrange, for me to be another Wrecker Crew Chief for an Reserve Ex , before I cleared into LFWATC for my Tasking (I ran across him @ the Canex, on the weekend). There was only the 2 Reg guys from Pet, doing recovery for that Ex. That got shot down, by his Ex CoC.
Well as one of the previous members stated recovery can be a very busy section to be employed in yeti disagree with his last statement about being bored as .... When there aren't any calls . I have run recovery sections across the country and there is always something to do. That is to say that if the boys aren't out pulling someone out of a ditch or off loading trailers( a literal pain in the a..) they should be maintaining their trucks. As we all know the HLVW Wrecker is an outstanding piece of kit but is 20+ years old, and any of the civilian variants in use aren't very good for what we do in the field. The AHSVSWreckeris the most versatile recovery asset we have WRT it's ability to lift and tow casualties but alas is too big to be used here in Canada due to its weight per axle ratio. As for specialized trg, a QL5 technician should be competent enough to operate a wrecker but I still ensure that my troops can handle maneuvering with a casualty in tow and can use the winch and cranes safely before I assign the to a crew chief position. Reason for this is that some of our troops only get to use the equipment when they visit that hole in the earth near Barrie On and have lost a lot of the basic knowledge of the vehicle, so as I stated previously my crew chiefs all undergo refresher trg if you will to ensure that they can operate Safely, efficiently, and effectively ( SEE) you am remember that acronym from your initial trg when you went through CFSEME. If you or anyone else have questions about recovery please feel free to drop me a line.
20+ years for an HLVW Wrecker is nothing compared to the 5 Ton I used to work with that was over 30 years in age, older than my (at the time) young self.

Those were the good old days.

I was the ARV driver for a year and a bit, it was fun, lot of hard work, and late hours, some times little no sleep for days. Hooch parties were gooood. To bad the 8CH didn't let 011s drive the ARV like the RCD did, would have been nice to cruise around Germany in the ARV instead of the OC's "Fn" Rover after I left the tank troops.
SeaKingTacco said:

I'm sorry about your bad experience.

Every veh maint section that I have been lucky enough to be associated with in my 27 years of service has been highly motivated, highly professional, had great morale and have managed (at least to my eyes) miracles in terms of repairing vehicles. Admittedly, this is all first line, so maybe second line is different.

While in no way downplaying your experience, I would humbly submit that perhaps that there is more to your trade than you have seen?

I can honestly say that I thought I read my own mind reading truck techs post. My thoughts on the vtech trade are the exactly same. I liked the forces but not the trade. Deployed as well. Out almost 3 years now. Don't regret it in the least. The eme branch is dead.
My Husband is looking into the vehicle technician course.
any insight from anyone who is currently in the trade would be greatly appreciated.
We know of the basic training and the schooling in Borden for 30 weeks.
Do you get sent overseas much?
Where have you been overseas?
Any other info you have would be great. We are excited for this opportunity.
He has completed a small engine course and then decided he was interested in auto and heavy equipment. What better place then the military for all that.
Thanks Again
Start here https://www.google.ca/#q=site:army.ca+vehicle

Use one of the available threads to make posts.

Hello, my name is Walter and I'm 26 and have a 310T truck and coach license. I have 2 years of college training. The variety of equipment in the Canadian forces is more appealing to me but I'm not sure if the salary will be. I'm currently making 70k annually and i'm wondering what is the most you can make as a vehicle tech in the long run with the forces.  Thank you.
Good day mecanic_walter,

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Hi this is my first time using this site. I have a question about joining as a vehicle tech. From what i have been reading every new member must go through basic training, but the question i have is i am a licensed automotive service tech (310-S licence)  i have been working on cars trucks transport trucks boats and pretty much anything that is engine related. What Would be the process i would need to go through and what would be the best option for future careers and advancement through the army.

Good Day,

Your joining process is the same as everyone else. You will need to apply through the website as a skilled entry plan into Vehicle Technician.  Part of the process for you is that a Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR) will be done to determine if part of your training can be written off and whether you can be given advance status.  You will still go through Basic Training; it is the course(s) after that where you could be given advance standing based on your education/experience.

Sgt Laen