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The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

SSM, how long is the FPC then? Just wondering.
Is there any US experience to inform whether ab initio or conversion training takes longer? I wonder if breaking old habits might take longer than building from the ground up...
SSM, how long is the FPC then? Just wondering.
8-9 months. But there is typically training on the Hawk in Cold Lake too beforehand (although we have been sending people at ENJJPT and FPC is their only stint in Cold Lake). Probably 1.5 years on the ground for someone who goes through 419 TF(T)S first. I know how many sorties are required for both the F-35 experienced fighter pilot course and the ab-initio fighter pilot course but I don’t know how it translate in calendar days.
Hope its something like that. They don't have a good history of socially acceptable acronyms in callsigns...
"RCAF fighter pilots will undergo CF-18 to F-35A transition training at Luke AFB’s F-35A Pilot Training Center"

No surprise there. They will enjoy the posting a lot. Great area, lower cost of living and the traditional American respect for the military. Nice Winters.

Always had them flying over our residence on the way to the trg area.
Back in the late '80s I was with 419 Sqn and in Feb the Sqn would down to Arizona for a couple weeks of training (once in El Paso and second time in Luke AFB). Arizona in Feb is like June in Canada, very pleasant. However, we were told by the locals that summers were very, very hot!

I don't recall anybody really protesting per se...
Let’s just say the Eurasian Times isn’t exactly Reuters-level reporting accuracy.
Yeah I can’t find out anything about them whatsoever.

Definitely looks dodgy AF.
And yet it's the "apparently not news" that shows up in my phone, with the "apparently not Google" search bar across the top 😅🤷🏼‍♂️

I didn't take it for accuracy, I just saw the article earlier so decided to post it for posting sake

...They also posted an article about how Guam & Hawaii are just now within strike range of the SU-57 🤣 So yeah, read them with a grain of salt and some healthy skepticism...