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Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition, Supplement Resources


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Thanks to everyone who's given me advice here. I wanted to return the favour by posting some links to training/nutrition resources that I have found helpful over the years. Most have free info, some have paid subscriptions.

(I'm not being paid to promote any of these btw.)


Renaissance Periodization - general S+C, nutrition

Precision Nutrition Blog | Free Articles & Infographics - general nutrition + fitness

Independent Analysis on Supplements & Nutrition - unbiased nutrition + supplement info

Nom Nom Paleo - Award-Winning Paleo Recipes by Michelle Tam - recipes

Home - recipes

Paleo Running Momma - Run Fast, Eat Clean, Live Messy - recipes


Juggernaut Training Systems | Experts in strength - general S+C. I've used their Olympic lifting +BJJ programming and it's excellent. Experienced coaches. Quality stuff.

Olympic Weightlifting: Catalyst Athletics - olympic lifting

https://thetrainingplan.co/ - CrossFit - used this last year. Got in great shape, added 5lbs of muscle (that's a lot for a female)

‎Couch to 5K Runner - Currently on this plan (Google Play also available)

Global Triathlon Network - Home - helpful training tips for run, swim, bike

Mobility Training Program, Exercises, and Equipment - The Ready State - injury management/recovery, general wellness

Dan John - strength coach (lots of strongman stuff)

Home - strength coach (especially shoulder stuff)

Home - Onnit Academy - general S+C, nutrition

Girls Gone Strong: Free Workouts, Nutrition and Lifestyle Information for Women. - general S+C, nutrition - female-specific

Home - Animal Flow - movement-focused training


MyFitnessPal | MyFitnessPal.com - food + exercise tracker

https://romwod.com/ - stretching, mobility

https://www.sleepcycle.com/ - sleep hygiene

https://www.headspace.com/ - sleep + meditation
Here's a couple more things I've come across recently.

1. UF Pro - Guide to SF Assessment + Selection

HUGE Disclaimer: Yeah, the guy talks about SF stuff, BUT the general principles of physical training apply to anyone looking to get military-specific fitness up to standard. Understanding where things like strength, endurance, power, recovery, etc. fall into the overall plan are key for putting a program together. Videos 3-5 are specific to this. Video 2 is nice for the mental vibe

2. Mountain Tactical Institute

These guys have a ton of excellent training programs specific to military, LEO, SARS, etc., plus stuff for general fitness. It's a subscription platform, I think around $35 USD/month, but you get access to every program they have. Try the burpee ladders, you'll love it (barf).
Hey guys, thought I'd ask for some feedback/advice on something i've been working on in this space.
I took over marketing for a supplement startup launched by a couple of competitive shooters: AIMCISE.com which makes supplements formulated for shooters to help with focus, energy, vision, alertness just to name a few.
The brand had some initial traction but has been struggling, so I am wondering if we just need to do a better job at promoting it, or that perhaps there isn't really a product-market-fit?

Would love to hear what you guys think.