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Starting an exercise program


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I have purchased running shoes, pull up bar, and yoga mat so far. My weight is around 240lbs and I am 5’10’’, I can walk 1.5k in around 23 minutes, do 10 pushups (barely), and no sit-ups. I’m size 36 waist.

I’m planning on doing negative push-up pull-ups till I can do more, regular/reverse/half crunches.

I went to the gym a few times doing partial deadlifts and some upper body pt. But I gained 10 lbs.

I walk 50kms per week but I’ve reduced that so I can run.

While walking in my new running shoes I’ve tried to do heel toe contact to open my stride, I think it’s working because my iwatch excercise minutes have increased instead of staying low.

Can somebody please tell me if what I am doing is right please?
Awesome work! Doing anything with your baseline is better than nothing and at the end of the day you will improve. While strength/weight training doesn't put on lbs the way you said, it is probably better to stick to cardio and body weight exercises at this stage anyway. It will more closely mimic what you need for the initial stages of your career. Once you have a decent baseline weight/strength training based on almost any of the tried and true programs will take you to that next stage.

For running one of the better programs out there is couch to 5KM but like strength training the possibilities are endless. Pair your running with a simple body weight program that does both upper and lower body and you'll be set for 3-6 months to build up a baseline.
Hey it’s absolutely awesome that you’re talking the steps towards improving your fitness. And for sure starting to run Will he great for you.

If your goal is weight loss I strongly recommend using myfitnesspal. It’s a free app that lets you track calories. Weight loss often comes down to a very simply calories in vs calories out process, so knowing what your taking in super helpful and that app lets you do stuff like barcode scan and import recipes so it take a lot of the work off your hands.