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Service Photos


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Hello Everyone!

  I have searched and nothing came up about Service Photos at all. My husband recently was given his Grandfathers Service Medals but he doesn't have any pictures of him in uniform. We have the medals and his certificate of war service badge in a shadow box but would love to have his service photo. Does anyone know if the Military keeps them archived anywhere that we could request a copy?

Thanks in advance! Mods - I wasn't sure where to post this - please move if necessary.
You may have better luck on responses if you tell us who he was, who he served with and when. Then we might be able to offer some advice on the likelihood of photos existing and where they might be found.
Delaney1986 said:
Does anyone know if the Military keeps them archived anywhere that we could request a copy?

I have seen wartime RCAF aircrew personnel records in Ottawa. No studio type portraits, but each had at least two "mugshot" type I.D. photos. One in uniform, the other a copy of them in civilian clothes that they carried on operations over enemy territory. To be used to make fake I.D., in case they were shot down and attempted to evade.

Regarding other unexpected photos you may find in these files. Such as, if there was a Missing Research and Enquiry Service (MRES) investigation, be prepared for anything. 
Sorry, I figured I would see if this was even a possibility first. The only information I have right now is what is on the certificate.

Name: Bernard Lavoie
Rank: Sgt
Number: C.96439

There is also a box at the top that says Class: GSB#992816

I will ask my Father-in-law about where and with what Regiment he served with, see if he knows the dates and report back.