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Searching for info regarding my great grandfather

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  His name was Francis Thomas Fudge and he enlisted with 108th Bn, CEF at Ashern, Manitoba. I have copies of his enlistment certificate dated March 13th, 1916. This would put him in his mid 40's at that time. Previous family claims state that he was wounded in France while serving with the 28th Bn and was then discharged. I do have a copy of the Night Letter telegraph stating his name, service #, and confirming the shrapnel wound to the elbow. Sadly the writing on the upper half of the letter didn't copy well from the original so the exact date is in question. I would like to find out more about where he served, and where the 28th Bn was at the time of his injury. A more precise timeline on the injury would help me put the rest of the pieces together. I have been studying my own WW1 library and i seem to have reached the point where i need to explore more sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
Go back to the page on the Library and Archives Canada site where you found his attestation paper, and order his service record.  That file will give you dates and units he served with during the war.  It will also include any movements through the medical system as well as any medical records that have been saved.

Regimental number(s): 722166
Reference: RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 3328 - 29
Date of Birth: 27/11/1877

How to order a copy of a complete service file

The LAC online ordering system is quite efficient, the time of return will depend on how backlogged they are (4-6 weeks is average).
Thank you Michael.
    My great grandfather also had a son of the same name (my grandfather's brother) who served in WW2. I currently have no information regarding him or his service history. His name was Francis Thomas Fudge Jr. but he always went by the name Frank. He was born in 1900. I would also like to request his service file. If you could help me out with finding his info i would greatly appreciate it.
To request files for Canadian who served after 1918:


How to Send an Inquiry Concerning Your Own or Another Individual's Records

    * Your request must be signed.
    * To identify a file, we require surname, full given name(s), date of birth, and service number or social insurance number.
    * If you do not know the date of birth, service number or S.I.N. (social insurance number), secondary information (e.g., the names of next of kin, postings, dates of service, place of enlistment) can assist in identifying the correct individual.
    * Consult the section below on Access Restrictions.
    * Please specify what document(s) you require. If you are doing family history research, we recommend that you request a "genealogy package," which will include copies of selected documents from the file that highlight/summarize the individual's service.
    * We do not accept email inquiries for these records. Inquiries must be sent by mail or fax.
    * Your request can be written as a letter or you can print off a blank copy of the Application for Military Service Information form available in [PDF 663 KB] or [RTF 44,516 KB] format, which should be filled in, signed and sent by mail or fax.
      (Download Freeware)
    * Inquiries should be sent by mail or fax to:

ATIP and Personnel Records Division
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4
Fax: 613-947-8456