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Searching for grandfather



Hello, Iam searching for my grandfather who held a high position in the army. I am not sure of his name, all I know is, that he died of a stroke in 1966. His wife was 61 years old and worked in sales in a jewerly store and had cancer in 1969. He had 1 son who was living in Quebec and went to the university. His son worked with underpriveledged children. His son‘s birthday was on June 21 1938, his religion was catholic. If you can assist me in this family tree venture please contact me at firefly@sopris.net. Thank you for your time, Lisa Jo Shelton
Lisa, you will have to give some more facts before any help can be offered, such as Which Army, Canadian, British, USA. Do you have any medals or decorations he might have received? Look at the rim of the medals, his regimental number might be there, if he was not an officer, that is. Officers in the Canadian Army in WW2 did not normally have id numbers. Do you have any idea of his original unit, or where he may have joined up? Was he a member of a veterans group such as the Canadian or British Legion, or a regimental association? If so they may be able to help you with your enquiries. Please give more details here, if you can. JIM