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Save Money and Get a Big Ship

Half a loaf is better than none.  And even if the Mistral is baguette rather than a proper loaf I will still take a Bun over a non-existant baguette.

Floating warehouses with flat spots and loading docks that can be relocated easily while flying the Canadian flag are useful.  Off Newfoundland, in Cologne or Singapore or heading to Norway.

These beasts don't need the number of bodies the Mistrals and LPD(H)s require.

Perhaps 4 arctic-ish versions of that support ship instead of 1 giant Diefenbaker? Plausible?

- Use it off the coast of where-ever else in the winter months.

- Use it to deliver supplies or relief to communities in the North.

- Floating hospital that makes a couple arctic tours up there. Paint one white and make it a permanent hospital ship

- Throw a SeaRam on it with some small arms and a couple UUVs for a sovereignty side benefit.

- Use it like a Point Class for sneaky stuff or disaster relief
Im not sure the RCN could contain themselves to 160. I am sure that the thing would be commanded by nothing less than a Captain (N), and then there is a Commodore staff to be embarked (yes, they would do that). 
More of the same:  Wet-lease Charter - 300 days per year at sea

First proposal for the Royal Navy’s new Littoral Strike Ships unveiled

British risk advisory company Prevail Partners has unveiled its proposal for the Royal Navy’s two new littoral strike ships which were announced by the UK defense secretary earlier this month.

Prevail say their multi role vessel (MRV) was designed as a mobile logistic and helicopter base, enabling nations to project power and carry out special forces missions. The MRV is also capable of serving as an emergency response platform.

This is in line with what the UK defense ministry envisions the ships should be, globally deployable, multi-role vessels capable of performing both crisis support and war-fighting missions.

Announcing the potential acquisition of the ships, UK defense secretary Gavin Williamson said the ships would form part of two littoral strike groups complete with escorts, support vessels and helicopters. One would be based East of Suez in the Indo-Pacific and one based West of Suez in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic.

The ships could join the Royal Navy aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, and Bay-class landing ships in one amphibious task force should need be, the defense minister noted.

The Prevail MRV is offered as a turnkey solution for “300 operational days a year” on a wet-lease charter. As explained in the proposal, the vessel would be owned and operated by Prevail and partners. The Royal Navy would just need to embark its forces and equipment for operations.

“Prevail’s team will build, crew, manage, and sustain the MRV for over 300 operational days every year. Prevail will also integrate specialist capabilities such as USVs or UAVs into the ship,” the company said in its proposal.

The vessel would have a flight deck capable of supporting CH47s, Super Pumas and other military helicopters. It would also enable amphibious operations with the capability to offload heavy vehicles via mexeflote.

As advertised, the MRV would measure 209 meters in length, have a range of over 10,000 nautical miles, and provide space for an embarked force of 400.

Prevail says the first ship could be ready for operations in 2020.




A related link for reference sake

I have to ask how  can such a large chopper land on a ship that has a huge superstructure crossing the full width of the deck> aft of the landing pad so in other words steering towards a rotorcraft that is hovering. Unless the ship is not moving I foresee tense moments... edit: note added top view. The designer is Prevail Partners. Link to brochure with many additional interesting images, configurations and claims: https://prevail-partners.com/mrv/


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More on the concept of the Littoral Strike Ship (Prevail Partners Design). It might be this is gaining traction in the UK (despite the country appearing to implode over Brexit):
Cloud Cover said:
More on the concept of the Littoral Strike Ship (Prevail Partners Design). It might be this is gaining traction in the UK (despite the country appearing to implode over Brexit):

We shall take two, you know, for disaster relief assistance around the world........totally not for transporting a battlegroup