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I have just been talking to my father about the war years and I thought you might like to hear this story of how my family helped fortify the moral of the boys of the Canadian 22ed in 1943/4.
At around the time the allied forces were preparing to liberate mainland Europe it seems the 22ed were based in Caterham, Surrey, England.
As my father‘s grandmother was French she took it upon herself to offer hospitality to the boys of the 22ed.
Apparently she would regularly invite the soldiers into her home for tea and chat in French, her theory was that if her boys were far from home she would hope a fellow mother would do the same for them.
During this time one soldier took a shine to my father who was 10 years old at the time.
This soldier would take my father for high-speed tours of the surrounding area in his Wilys jeep and give him gifts of chocolate and chewing gum, candy was very rare in those days so this was a real treat.
Before they left for mainland Europe the soldier gave my father his cap badge this was then pasted on to me when I was about 10 years old.
Can you tell me if these soldiers went to the D-day innovations as my father recalls or did they head for Italy as I have been told by a Canadian war historian?
Unfortunately my father can‘t remember the soldiers name but should you have any photos of this period, particularly of the Caterham barracks we would be very interested to see them.
I have looked at your web site but as I am unable to speak French it was difficult to use, is there an English version?
So this is how my family helped the Canadian 22ed during the 2ed world war, I would like to think my Great Grandmother helped make that time a little easier for those brave young men.
Kindest regards, Dave Byron. London, England.