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Prince of Wales Own Regiment



I am looking for a printed history of the PWOR. My grandfather served in the 21st. Bn. during WW I. He was J.C. Long, DCM. I am told the 21st. became a part of the PWOR. Can anyone help me get a copy of the PWOR history? :cdn:

There is no J.C.LONG who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in either the West Yorkshire or East Yorkshire Regiments, which became the Prince of Wales Own Regiment.

There is however a 144933 Corporal LONG J.C., shown as Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was awarded the DCM in the London Gazette of 15 November 1918.

Jock in Sydney
Sorry, reread the title of your post. I have the history of the Princess of Wales‘ Own Regiment. They were in the 21st Bn. Is this what you are looking for?
To GPMG - it is the Prince of Wales Own Regiment, not the Princess of Wales - ??? although as I look at various web sites there seems to be some confusion, some say Prince in one spot and Princess in another - I‘m looking for the Canadian unit that the 21st Battalion of the CEF perpetuated.

To Gordon - yes 144933 Long, J.C. is my grandfather. Sorry, I should have stated CEF not British.

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"Regiments and Corps of The Canadian Army" "Volume 1 of The Canadian Army List 1964", shows The Princess of Wales‘ Own Regiment pp.143-144.

I became confused with the numbering when you said the 21st Bn, knowing that it was the 14th Battalion ‘The Princess of Wales‘ Own Rifles‘ from 1868.

Also that the Prince of Wales‘ Own Regiment (Britain) both had 21st Bn‘s in the Great War.

Jock in Sydney
The regiment in Canada (which still exists) is called the Princess of Wales‘ Own Regiment. They perpetuate several battalions of the CEF. The PWOR did not mobilize for WW I but instead provided troops to battalions of the CEF, including the 21st CEF.

The regiment in Britain is the Prince of Wales‘ Own - and would have had a 21st Battalion in WW I.

Confusing, eh?
Thanks everyone. Yes, I now have at least part of it figured out. Canada has a Princess of Wales Own Regiment, based in Kingston, Ont.. And during WW I, the 21st. Bn. was in the 4th Infantry Brigade of the 2nd Div. CEF and really didn‘t have much to do with the PWOR. Britain has a Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and a Prince of Wales Own Regiment.
I do now have a brief history of the Canadian PWOR, but would like to get the war diary of the 21st. Bn. as that is the primary unit that I am interested in. My Grandfather was in that unit and won the DCM.