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Older reservist applicant


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I'm 50 and have worked with DND as a civlian contractor in the past. I also have a variety of specialized skills. The situation in Europe has moved me to consider (again) joining the reserves to assist in some way, even if it's just to backfill more qualified members who might get deployed. I don't have Rambo fantasies, in fact I'm fine taking a humbler role.
I realized the limit is 57 but I'm not far from it. I'm fit, have a decent medical history, and a graduate degree.
Am I crazy for considering applying at this stage of life? I'm curious to hear of any real experiences of people over 45 applying, specifically for the reserves.
Thanks all.
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Hi. I'm 54 and completed the recruitement process for the Reserves. Just waiting to be Selected. If you're healthy, do well on the CFAT and Force tests and are motivated to join, why not? You've just proven you're as capable as any other recruit. Personally, I'm looking forward to the next six years in the Reserves. I wish it could have been longer but once it's done I'll be very glad I did it!