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Nutrition for Fitness

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Books -
Benardot, Dan PhD, Nutrition for Serious Athletes, Human Kinetics Publisher, 2000

Brand-Miller, Jennie, Thomas M.S. Wolever, Kaye Foster-Powell and, Stephen Colagiuri, The New Glucose Revolution, Marlowe and Company, 2003

Clark, Nancy, MS, RD, Sports Nutrition Guidebook, Third Edition, Human Kinetics Publisher, 2003

Rosenbloom, Christine, PhD, RD editor, Sports Nutrition, A Guide for the Professional Working with Active People, The American Dietetic Association, 2000

Sizer, Frances and Eleanor Whitney, Nutrition Concepts and Controversies, Ninth edition, Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, 2003

Health Canada publications -
Food Guide Facts
Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods
Nutrition Labelling Toolkit for Educators

Sites -
The Coaching Association of Canada - www.coach.ca/e/nutrition/resources.htm - has several nutrition tip sheets, as well as the joint position paper of the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Dietetic Association, and Dieticians of Canada titled “Nutrition and Athletic Performance”. This paper was published in 2000 and is the accepted standard for nutrition and physical activity.  This site also has a “Find a Nutritionist” page that lists registered dieticians with an expertise in sports.

The Dieticians of Canada website www.dieticians.ca also lets you look for registered dieticians in your area, and to download a number of fact sheets, with a number of interactive pages.

The Health Canada web site www.healthcanada.ca healthy living section has several resources. It ahs info on nutrients in food groups and info related to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. www.healthcanada.ca/nutritionlabelling and www.healthyeatingisinstore.ca have info and activities related to the new nutrition labels on food. They should clear up any questions you may have on the post I made dealing with the labelling of food. The Health Canada web site also has info about Canada’s Physical Activity Guide - www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hppb/paguide/index.html. You can access info about the Nutrient Value of Common Foods at the website http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/food-ailment/ns-sc/nr-rn/surveillance/pdf/e_NVSCF_eng.pdf. And www.canadian-health-network.ca has many health related resources.

The Strengthening the Forces Health Promotion in the Canadian Forces web site www.forces.gc.ca/health/services/engraph/health_promotion_home_e.asp provides info about programs and local offices on Bases. www.forces.gc.cahealth/Services/health_promotion/Engraph/factsheet_toc_e.asp lists the most up to date fat sheets about nutritional products or supplements. They’re updated regularly.

For info on chronic disease, several orgs maintain websites. Most have something dealing with nutrition on them, and we all have friends or family with some sort of ailment. By educating ourselves, we can help them. (They also probably have some place where donations can be made, hint.)

The Heart and Stroke Foundation www.heartandstroke.ca
The Canadian Diabetes Association www.diabetes.ca
The Canadian Cancer Society www.cancer.ca
The American Institute for Cancer Research www.aicr.org

For a scientific assessment of information on fad diets and products, check here: www.quackwatch.org
And here: http://www.supplementwatch.com/

For info on banned drugs in sports, check the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport www.cces.ca
Top Fuel Tips (last page thankfully)
Basically a shorthand version of the entire thread.

1. Fuel up with quality foods at breakfast. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.
2. Eat every 3 - 4 hours to stay energized throughout the day. 4 -6 small meals/snacks a day.
3. Include food from all 4 food groups in those meals.
4. Include carbohydrate and a little protein food in your snacks. (Which is why Lord Sandwich’s butler did us all such a favour so long ago.) 2/3 of your plate should be grain and fruit/vegetable foods, 1/3 protein.
5. For quick nutrition on the go, carry portable and easy to eat items like juice boxes, fruit, and granola bars.
6. Make a plan for travel so you stick to a healthy diet even when on the road. You can still eat reasonably healthy in McJunk’s if you use the ‘Thirds’ rule.
7. Hydrate. Fluid intake is always the most important.
8. Before strenuous physical activity, consume sufficient fluid and carbohydrate.
9. During physical activity, focus on fluid (especially water). For exercise of more than an hour, add some carbohydrate.
10. After physical activity, drink enough fluid to replace weight loss, and re-fuel with carbohydrate and protein. (Peanut butter sammich!)
11. The key to weight management is BALANCE between eating and activity. Choose your goal, make a plan, and ensure that the balance is kept. You won’t gain muscle by not eating enough, and you won’t lose blubber by not exercising enough.

Principles for Healthy Eating
-  Adequacy: All essential nutrients are included.
- Balance between energy providing nutrients: 45-65% carbohydrate, 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat. 2/3 of your plate should be grain and fruit/vegetable foods, 1/3 protein. Some nutritionist recommend ½ fruits/vegetables, ¼ grains, ¼ protein, (but there’s no way I’m doing that).
- Caloric balance: Consume adequate energy for our physical demands.
- Moderation in all things, especially the intake of fats, sugar, caffeine, salt, and alcohol.
- Variety: Enjoy different foods within each of the food groups, every day.
- Quality: Eat more nutrient dense, wholesome foods and fewer processed foods.
- Learn to read labels to find the nutrients your body needs.
- If you need to make changes in your lifestyle, set your goals and have a plan to get back on track if you slip.
- Be a wise consumer (cute pun, wish I’d thought of it). Be aware of new nutrition/health information, and seek out health professionals who can help you evaluate that information. If you’re already in the military, this is simplicity, indeed. Visit your local Strengthening the Forces Health Promotions Staff.
Okay, I'm locking this down, as it's an info thread. If anyone has any good info to add, like Hatchet or Hot Lips did, pm me. I'll run it past an SME and post it if they agree with it.
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