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Military Discounts List


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It was mentioned elsewhere on the board that some places in Canada give military discounts. If you know of a place please post here giving as much details as you can. ie. Company Name, discount, phone number, location etc...
Let‘s show support for those companies that support us.

This summer, when I was being moved around the country like a gypsy by the reserves, I stayed at various different hotels, and almost every single one had some form of a military/government discount. It ranged from $10-$50 a night!
I heard theirs a gym at Kit‘s beach that gives CF members access to the gym for free, just gotta prove your in the CF( like showing your Military ID)
Most sports/outdoorsman stores like Bushtukas or Tommy and Lefebvre give 15% discounts.
Army Surplus stores will also give discounts, usually around 10% depending on the store
Burger King on Queen Street, just north of the CNE, will give all Army Pers. a 15% discount on all food.
woohoo! Burger king here I come!

I‘ve heard running room will give
military personnel 5-10% off.
For the Halifax area, the CFB Halifax Base Fund publishes a glossy annual magazine titled "The Canadian Forces in Halifax Regional Municipality - 2003/2004 - Information Directory and Shopping Guide." Offered to all units in the area, it includes advertisements from many local businesses that give military discounts and a 4-page itemized list of those businesses.

At one time in the State‘s the Air Line‘s gave military discount‘s,I don‘t know if they do now.

The only discount‘s I have come across in Canada is hotel‘s and motel‘s.
Yeah - not sure how appropriate it was, but I always asked for the Govt Rate, at hotels and motels - and showed my Military ID
muskrat -- perfectly acceptable. As a member of the military you are a Crown employee and entitled to ask for a government rate.

Some hoteliers may only offer a reduced rate when on government business and subject to other conditions, but I have never been asked this. I have only been asked to show government ID.

Since I don‘t have my military ID yet, my customs badge has usually sufficed. ;)
In the US (or at least Florida) I got a military discount at the Movie Theatre. They actually had a military discount price on thier admission sign. I asked if Canadain Military was acceptable and they said OK. (I‘m not sure that will work now however) :-(
"Yeah - not sure how appropriate it was, but I always asked for the Govt Rate, at hotels and motels - and showed my Military ID"

Hey Muskrat alway‘s ask,in the long run you can save quite a few buck‘s.
At most Universities and Collages, you sometimes get a free complimentary insult for telling people you‘re in the military. Insults range from "Babykiller" to "Why does Canada need an army?" to "You‘re in the Canadian Farces?" to "Thank God I‘m a full time student and don‘t have to pay taxes for your salary"

Come to think of it, I try not to tell anyone I‘m in the military unless there is a clear and absolute certainty of a gain (cheap movie tickets, discount camping equipment), I am friends or relatives with the people I‘m telling it too, or I am speaking to people who are actually in the military. It‘s too depressing to constantly get shot down by people.

What‘s wierd is the movie theatre in Kingston on Queens I think, gives discounts to Reg Force members but not Reserves. What‘s wierder is that the Army surplus there doesn‘t give discounts as well... then again, I didn‘t ask...
Regarding hotels/motels you can almost always get some sort of a discount. Almost no one evers pays "rack rate" (the official listed price).

Military or Government discounts would usually apply for any Govt employee with ID or in some cases even a business card. So for those reservists who either don‘t have an ID card yet or for whatever reason would prefer not to identify themselves as military but, like our friendly customs agent, work for some other Government department, this works.

You can also try "corporate discounts", "student discounts", even "seniors" depending on circumstances. It‘s probably a good idea to call first and see which applies or even if there‘s a difference in the discount.

The reason for this, it costs the hotel money for that room each day (portion of the total mortgage, taxes, utilities, maid etc) whether it‘s rented or not. A good hotel would rather make some profit or at least break even.

Discounts usually apply on weekends, more so that mid week, and other circumstances must be taken into effect, such as how busy the hotel is. Chances of getting a good deal in Toronto now with SARS are excellent (hotels are at 30% occupany instead of the normal 70%). Try getting a room deal during a major holliday, or event are slimmer.

When in doubt always ask, it may save youa few bucks.
Hey, I haven't been sworn in yet (should be soon) but I am curious to know about some potential benefits I have been hearing about. A friend of mine who is in the MP has mentioned that you get 20% or (or something like that) off at McDonalds and other fast food places and other stores have similar discounts for CF members. Is this true and what are some stores that do this?

I don't know about McDonald's, but I do know that some hotels and some car rental companies will give you the "Canadian Government" rate.

You do techincally work for the Federal Government once in the CF, so if you ever have to go away on business, when booking your room, you ask for the Canadian Government rate, and you may get a significant discount.

For example, the Pan Pacific Hotel here in Vancouver, which is pretty much the nicest hotel in the city, usually charges $250-$300 CDN a night. As a Federal Government employee, you can get that same room for $99.   :eek:

There are some benefits to working in the CF.  ;)

PLEASE check the official policy on this. This is just all the info that I happen to have.

Some places in Edmonton do give a discount, and we have access to cheaper tickets to things like West Edmonton Mall's waterpark through the Rec Centre, however the list is not huge, nor are they places I frequent.  Discount at McDonalds?  First I've heard of it!!!  Check your sources,hopefully they're not pulling your leg by overblowing your expectations.