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looking for info on grandfather

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I am trying to find anyone who may have known my grandfather. His name was Richard Bowcott and he was with The Queen‘s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada in WWII. I know that he was overseas in England and France from 1942 - 45 but not much else. He did lose one of his legs from the knee down supposedly from shrapnel as he was diving into a foxhole.
If anyone knows anything or, better yet, served with him, could you please contact me.

Thank you
Originally posted by rottie2:
[qb] I am trying to find anyone who may have known my grandfather. [/qb]
There are several things you can do to research your grandfather. I see you have the Unit he served with and some dates. If you have his Service Number or Regimental Number, you will find it easy to contact the Regiment that he served in and see if they have a Regimental Archives and request info from them. You can also use his Name, Rank, Service Number and Unit to research through the Public Archives of Canada, and you can do that on-line. The Royal Canadian Legion can also be quite helpful, in that they have a monthly publication and you can advertize there, or even ask for assistance in your research from a Legion member. Even the Department of Veterans Affairs may be of some help, but the Public Archives of Canada is the final resting place of most if not all of government records.

I just finished ordering all of my great-grandfather‘s WWI military records of service from the National Archives for about 2 bucks. Try this for WWII:

Military Records

If that‘s not right, explore around that site and you‘ll find it. You have to know his service number and name, etc...

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I‘m going to move this to the Personnel Locater Forum. There‘s more information on researching a relative‘s history there.
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