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Joining the Reserves... or not?


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Good day,
Marco, 36 years old, :cdn:🇮🇹 I began my application to join the Reserves. My CFAT test is next Feb 9th. In the meanwhile, I am training pretty hard every day to be ready for the basic.
I'll have my first information session this evening in Montreal, at the Combat Engineer Regiment. I am not sure if I am doing it right, most of the positions seem to be closed, especially those I would like to apply for, like construction technician/combat engineer, material management technician, and public affairs officer.
At the present time I work as a construction supervisor, but I have years of experience in marketing as well.
Excited for tonight meeting, tons of questions, wish me good luck! (y)


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Get your foot in the door, keep the positive thinking hat on and ask questions. Never know what will happen between now the the time you are sworn and in pass basic. A good first impression at the Unit goes a long way