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Interesting Thoughts, but...

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Interesting Thoughts, but...

Posted by Rob Clarke from Orleans ON Canada on April 21, 1999 at 12:46:28:

In Reply to: Re: When Is A Soldier Not A Soldier? posted by A PRIVATE on April 20, 1999 at 11:57:35:

It is unfortunate that you feel that I initiated a personal attack by raising the question of professionalism. I dont know you, so there really is no way for me to engage in a real personal attack besides that isnt my style. If I were to apologize for anything it would be for underestimating your sensitivity - a lesson learned. In the end, it would seem that at least you gave this issue some thought.

Your comparison of US forces to Canadian Forces is a great chat issue. I am very interested in learning about your experiences with the US Army and would like to know where you got the idea that the US Army produces automatons. And exactly what harm has come to the US Army from having high standards?

A penny for your thoughts, soldier...
Not open for further replies.