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Injury after release connected to previously awarded conditon


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Just curious if anyone has successfully applied for support on a new injury after release.

I currently have an awarded injury on both my legs. This injury basically ended up making my walking ability restricted and difficult for long periods or even what would be considered normal use.

Compounding this, everything with my legs have gotten weaker over time.

Last Summer I ended up having a small fall. Very minor to be honest, and ended up fully rupturing an Achilles. After consultations with my Family Doctor and the Specialist with these injuries, they attributed that it is likely connected to my other issues.

I applied for the condition, explaining how I felt it was connected, and they gave me an assessment that the doctor filled out and sent back.

The application is currently at the decision making stage, and has been since October. To me it looks like they started a separate assessment for it, instead of reassessing a previous condition.

I've been going to Physio awhile, which VAC has approved for me already. But I'm roughly only about 20% recovered to my previous poor walking ability.

I'm just curious how they will view this and if they will write it off as a non service related injury.
Yes, it's common for additional injuries to be recognised years after release.

If I understand correctly, your primary injury approved by VAC is your legs?
A following injury (your heels) may be acknowledged by VAC as consequential
and treatments or benefits provided for that new consequential injury.

As with most government paperwork, it's all in how it's written up.
You need to use VAC's terms / language and directly relate how the consequential injury is tied to your recognised injury.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah primary condition was the issue with my legs, its an awarded condition and was main reason I was medically released.

When I initially applied regarding the rupture I attributed it to my previously awarded condition, and VAC gave me a form for my Doctor to fill out, which was done and submitted.

Now's just the waiting game, but been through that before so I know it takes time.