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Hurricane Fiona

Halifax Tar

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Stand by all my fellow Scotians.

She might be a bit bumpy for the next couple days.

Of course it had to happen as muzzle loader season was about to open.

My brother’s in Cape Breton. Looks like they’re square in the path at Category 2 force winds. Ugh.
I heard early today one weather god stating it could potentially land as a Low Cat 3.

Remember when the power is out contact them and ask if they checked the switch. During Juan we went a week before they thought to check and sure enough all that was needed was the switch hit.
The radio just mentioned what stormchips were here in Vancouver. Apparently you can get several flavours combined all in one bag.

Hopefully this storm just blows all the leaves (but no trampolines)down the street!
I was in CFRS Cornwallis in the mid 80s. There was a hurricane on the east coast and we got the outside edge of it. Yah I don't need to be smack dab in the middle TYVM.