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HMCS Iroquois' woes (merged)

Navy_Pete said:
I've worked on developing the list of all CG onboard the IRO class; there are many line items where they are Controlled goods - ITAR.  Some of them are original to build (ie pre trump).  You'd be surprised how pervasive it is. A lot of it for us we don't notice because of the Canadian exclusions.

EU stuff comes with it's own restrictions as well; it's not necessarily any better then US origin.  ITAR is less onerous then people think once you understand the system, but it is painful to try and have something that obviously shouldn't have been cataloged as ITAR (like common fasterners) changed.

The plus side is US defence contractors noticed a big hit, as people try and avoid it.  It's been working through the US DoS for a couple of years, but they are limiting it back to a more sane level of just the equipment specific to weapons, ammunition, etc.

The other wrinkle for becoming a museum is the PCB regulations changed a few years ago, so we aren't allowed to transfer anything with PCBs outside of their cables and control cabinets.  So remediation would be required, although not to the same extent as for an artificial reef or a target.  It gets pretty complicated pretty quickly.

Talking to State Department people at SHOT I said 'ITAR" is the best thing the US could have done for China, you develop it and then China copies it and sells it to the world while you are filling out forms for a bolt and nut. For awhile the grip screws for a sig were controlled items.....
This, from the Shipfax blog ...
There will be many sad faces on the waterfront at 5 pm Thursday November 24 when the decommisioned HMCS Iroquois is towed away from HMC Dockyard to the scrappers in Liverpool ...


Weren't the Sisters (of the space age, for those who remember) beautiful with their five inch guns and bunny ears  :nod: (bottom picture only).

IRO: :cdn: :salute: