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HELP: I have a WWII service number I am trying to find the name of the person


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G37016 is inscribed on a personal item that i acquired.  The item is from WW2.

G37016 is the individuals service number, but i do not know their name.

I know that they were most likely with the 1st Canadian Army Tank Brigade (which later became the 1st Amoured Brigade) and that he would have enlisted in New Brunswick.

I tried the legions last post and found individuals within a few service numbers listed but not this particular person. I checked the records for WWII deceased as publicly available but they were not listed as war dead.

National Archives Canada wont release any info to me from just the service number. ATIP will not give me the info either.

Please help me find the name of the person who had Service Number G37016 please!

This microfilm T-10630 is the 1 Cdn Amd Bde War Diary from Nov 42 to Jul 43. There is a nominal roll (just prior to Sicily?) for the complete Bde appended to this brief history. Don't see him in a quick scan of HQ Sqn (that's more specifically where his service number indicates he enlisted). Subsequent months of War Diaries run through to reel T-10649. Embarkation rolls are the best place to look for names, so you might try the later move to Italy and yet later to NW Europe. The farther away you get from his enlistment, the greater the chances he has been transferred away.

WDs for 1 Cdn Army Tank Bde are on reel T-11056 but are commingled with other units and appear rather sparse. The embarkation roll for Canada to the UK might be more useful if you can find it.

After a bit more digging, reels T-10628 and T-10629 cover Feb 41 to Oct 42, so might be the place to look for that roll. They went overseas in June 41 according to that history.
Thank you kindly for taking the time to share that with me!  That is some great info for me to start with!

So very much appreciated!