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enlisting in reserves

Actually, 2Lts are paid less than senior Ptes.

As for them recruiting officers to fill the NCM shortfall, it‘s not a viable alternative. The kind of training that officers receive, in no way prepares them to lead a section. After getting just 6 weeks of training, I wouldn‘t trust ANYONE to lead a section. It‘s like handing a leadership role to a recruit right out of basic, without any trade training. Yes, I know that generally officers are a little older, and have university degrees and all, but my going to university didn‘t make me any better of a leader, or of a soldier. That‘s the exact reason why it takes 3-4 years to get on your leadership course; because they want you to have some experience soldiering before they just hand you command. That‘s also why the leadership course is 12 weeks long and very difficult.

The whole purpose of officers is to lead larger formations of troops, under the direction of the NCOs. If some new 2Lt or OCdt with no time in and 1 course started to tell me how to do my job, I would laugh in their face, and rightly so! If I went to a senior infantryman and told him how to do his job, I would expect the same reaction. Also, the section level tactics, weapons training, drill lessons, and so on are lacking from officer training enough that it makes it completely unfeasable to have them replace NCOs.

Sorry, don‘t mean to get off on a rant, but I‘ve seen some very shoddy officers attempt to lead troops, often with disastrous consequences. Senior NCOs are there for a reason, and are the most valuable asset a unit can have.
I hear ya medic....and I wholly agree.

Needless to say, I think the paper pushers up top see it from a paper more than practical perspective, and officers sound (on paper) like they can lead, even though, as you and I know, there is lot more that goes into becoming a section/platoon leader than a 12 week course. I think the push to having in-experienced officers leading sections is a recruiting issue, and there are big retention issues going on.

If there were greater incentives (education, benefits, training) for good NCM‘s to become good NCO‘s, we may see more junior leadership....but how long before that happens? I know retention is a primary issue in the reserves....
so back to my question will i be able to make it into the summer training program if i enlist at the beginning of februaury?
Are you going for the reserves or regs?

If reserves, you probably won‘t get all 3 recruit courses before september.
Usually your local unit will run BMQ either on weekends or through high school coop in spring, then send you off for SQ and MOC training in summer.
But if you don‘t make it for BMQ in spring, they‘ll send you to BMQ and SQ training in summer.
The sooner you do it, the sooner you will get in. Go talk to the recruiters, and ask them if you can apply before you get that half credit, then show them an updated transcript when you get it. They might not let you, but it‘s worth a shot if you really want to join the reserves.
yeah thats when i plan on going. the end of january beginning of february
How many Grade 10 credits do you need? I forget :confused: Wasn‘t it around 5 or something?
Every province is different because credits are weighted differently. You‘ll have to talk to a recruiter in YOUR province to get a definitive answer.
Easy way to solve it is to write the GED if you qualify. In Ontario you mus tbe at least 19, and have been out of school for 2 years, I think. The GED is equivalent to high school.
When I went to join up, I was only in Grade 10 and required 3 more credits for the required amount. BUT, I would have those by the time I would conduct my training if I passed my classes.

I believe that the issue was the aptitude test. It was designed for people with an education that is higher than Grade 10. They told me that if I fail, I couldn‘t take it for another year.

Well, here I am now, passed my aptitude test (along with all my other tests). I had also achieved the credits and was shipped off to Meaford last summer for BMQ/SQ! :warstory:
so your saying i can go before i get the needed credits as long as i would be getting them before i start training?
You should be able to get ‘conditional acceptance‘ from the recruiting centre.. they‘ll just stipulate one of the conditions as an academic condition. In your case, getting the required credits.

I can‘t see it being a problem; you should speak to a recruiter to make sure.
Evergreen I hope you get in to the Bull Winkle‘s,
good unit, another track yes there is a differance
between the Army of the East and the West.

The East get‘s all the kit, money,course‘s and posting‘s.
Alawy‘s has been and alway‘s will be.

The Puzzle Palace treat‘s the reserve‘s out west
as peon‘s due to the fact we don‘t vote thier way!