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Close Area Suppression Weapon (was Company Area Suppression Weapon)

They do different things and should not be treated as different solutions to a common capability.
In the same way a LAV and a Tank aren’t interchangeable.

I think I’ve previously made my feelings on the 60mm fairly clear, but it really never should have been withdrawn, it should have been replace with a new 60mm, but not as an either or choice with the CASW.

Any system when used incorrectly won’t work well (or at all).

A properly written requirement for the CASW should have come from the field force and identified how it was going to be used, that even if not PY neutral would have made sense.

When requirements don’t come from the field force and get written in a cubicle - all sorts of good idea fairies get involved.
So....if the 30mm is anemic, and the 40mm suffers considerably from wind drift and has a similarly small payload, should we be looking at going back to 60mm mortars again? (Thread derail notification goes here.)

Smarter militaries have never given them up.