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canadian P.O.W


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I am trying to find info on my uncle who was with the West Nova Scotia regiment in WW2 from 1939 -1945 his name is Edward Cormier service # F-59762 P.O.W #129350 was in Stalag 7a in april 1945. would like to hear from anyone that might have know him or serviced with him. or how i can go about find about his time in the war any help would be great
Have you tried contacting the Reserve Regiment or the National Archives of Canada?
You can order his service record from the Library and Archives Canada:


How to Send an Inquiry Concerning Your Own or Another Individual's Records

    * Your request must be signed.
    * To identify a file, we require surname, full given name(s), date of birth, and service number or social insurance number.
    * If you do not know the date of birth, service number or S.I.N. (social insurance number), secondary information (e.g., the names of next of kin, postings, dates of service, place of enlistment) can assist in identifying the correct individual.
    * Consult the section below on Access Restrictions.
    * Please specify what document(s) you require. If you are doing family history research, we recommend that you request a "genealogy package," which will include copies of selected documents from the file that highlight/summarize the individual's service.
    * We do not accept email inquiries for these records. Inquiries must be sent by mail or fax.
    * Your request can be written as a letter or you can print off a blank copy of the Application for Military Service Information form available in [PDF 663 KB] or [RTF 44,516 KB] format, which should be filled in, signed and sent by mail or fax.
      (Download Freeware)
    * Inquiries should be sent by mail or fax to:

ATIP and Personnel Records Division
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4
Fax: 613-947-8456
You may find someone here that can help you make contact with the regimental association:

Facebook - West Nova Scotia Regiment

WNSR Unofficial Website

West NSR Regimental Association

Also, you might try this contact:

Garry Randall  A Coy Sgt ret'd  - grandall@ns.sympatic.ca

Recently I have visited with 4 of our WWII vets in their homes and all are very pleased we have committed to this task. These men were the first West Novies. They gave us a history of dedication to country and pride in the Regiment all punctuated with the courage they displayed when called to serve. Through the Association they have assisted members ill or in need, established memorials in many locations, helped build a hospice in England and supported the Regimental Family whenever called upon. During my time of service we kept our soldiers trained for Aid to Civil Power, peace keeping, peace making, and the possibility of war. Today our new veterans are participating in many of those scenarios. These taskings have lead to a new history, only spoken, yet to be documented. It is our obligation to make sure it is recorded as it is what we are, The WEST NOVA SCOTIA REGIMENT. Join us in making sure we have a place to come together, renew friendships and carry on that good work. Please participate in the West Nova Scotia Regiment Regimental Association.