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Bill Roadhouse

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My uncle W.C. (Bill) Roadhouse served with The 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regt., from start to finish. I truly looked up to this braves and gentle man and he knew of my Love for him as I matured ? and before he died of Cancer. I am looking for any knowledge about him during the landing in France through to the war ending.
If there are any living members of his regiment or advanced children who might
have info.  He was best buddies with Sgt., Thorpe during the war and after.  He
also gave me pictures which he said came from the resistance groups in Holland.
There is a photo of German soldiers sitting in a grass courtyard. Also a photo of
Germans stealing cattle and other goods as they appear to be heading out of a
town. Need help in identification of Germans and the town?s. I plan on giving the
Photos to our war museum in the new year in warm weather. We will never forget. I will never ever forget.
Bruce D. RoadhouseMDC