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Appealing - Medical (hearing)


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Good day,
I was ready for the interview next May 10, but this morning I got the phone call telling me that I had not been accepted because of my medical condition. My medical condition is a mild form of otosclerosis in my left ear that causes mild hearing loss.

I worked for years in construction, now I am a supervisor, and I have never had any problem in my life, I would say my hearing is almost perfect. Also, I checked Appendix 3 of Annex A-Table of Hearing Standards and it says I am absolutely fit. I guess I failed the test, maybe due to the fact that I fly 3 to 6 times a month for work, and I always have clogged ears for a couple of days after the flight.

Appendix 3 of Annex A-Table of Hearing Standards

I want to appeal! The recruiter told me to wait for the letter and speak to a specialist. In the meanwhile I've already booked my new hearing test for tomorrow afternoon!!

I am asking if you know of any other recruits who have had the same problem (hearing).
On average, how long does the appeal take?

an appeal can take anywhere from 3 months to a year from when the appeal is received byOttawa, depending on the complexity of the condition in question and the supporting documentation received from the specialist. That paperwork needs to show without a doubt that your condition is not as severe as the military initially thought, and that it is not anticipated to progress during your career.
The RMO cell in Ottawa is very small, so appeals and reviews can take a long time.