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A Deeply Fractured US


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Also some Fed’s will require a Fed to be with you whenever evidence is acquired (I guess locals often make off with evidence? - history might prove that point though), and always when logging it after.
If I had to guess, it streamlines the chain of custody to the member of their agency.


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If I had to guess, it streamlines the chain of custody to the member of their agency.
Yeah it also occurred to me while writing this that some local LE entities not too long ago had a bad habit of violating several Fed laws..


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I agree with you to some extent, but I suspect it's more complicated than these types of people simply coming to terms with one man. The Trump movement and supporters would essentially need to come to terms with the entire "Make America Great Again" brand not delivering on the prosperity they are being promised in order to leave him behind. I don't think these folks are ready to accept that despite Trump's claims, we simply can't revive the long post-WWII era of American prosperity and make things that "great again" anytime soon. For many, I think walking away from Trump at this point, is also walking away from that dream, that dream that America can once again quickly become a country similar to the post-war global superpower America that once existed. Accepting the end of something really good is never easy, those were incredibly good times for many Americans (And also Canadians). I think the Trump crowd can typically look past the things you listed like his families personal enrichment, those things aren't a big deal to them as long as they still believe he can still deliver on the overall MAGA dream being promised by him. And he's still 100% promising to do it and keeping that dream alive.

Unfortunately, we are no longer living in, or on the border of, an unquestioned sole global superpower having relatively recently won the biggest war in human history. Those who are young now, due to things beyond their control, will never get to experience those times. The reality of the unique American post-WWII boom created the best economic conditions to date, ever. After years of rationing, war bonds, and saving money, American consumers were ready to spend when they won the war. American factories already geared up from wartime production answered the call as men returned ready to work. Everything from automobile sales to disposable consumer products were able to reach their absolute peaks, North American's were buying homes for cheap and quickly filling them with appliances. This is only a short summary of an era of complex near-perfect ideal conditions, and it was far beyond the credit of any single politician. Most other countries lay in ruins and needed to start from scratch, were under the steel curtain, or in poverty. This period of America's epic superpower history lasted a surprisingly long time, but like most things it's eroding, as the world regains balance and other countries still continue to rebuild, this period slowly ends. Trump's MAGA brand of politics cannot replicate this period, it's simply impossible, and highly unlikely any of us will ever witness another period like it, as much as people naturally want to keep chasing that dream of the era the baby boomers were lucky enough to live in.
Just a point, that era was great for some Americans, not ALL Americans. If you were black in that time period, it was not a good time. If you were native in that time period, it was not a good time.

Part of the issue with the make America great again branding is for many Americans it wasn’t great.

Up until 1965 the US basically had Apartheid. After 1965 it’s not just all racism and discrimination vanished, even their current president voted against things such as shared bussing. It is also why some Americans identify strongly with that ideal, and others reject it out of hand.