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7th Canadian Infantry


Sgt CM Yeo

I am looking for info wrt the 7th Can Inf. WWI. I am looking for the "battalion color". I am having 2 WWI medals mounted & shadow boxed and wish to have the colored material as a backing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The 7th Infantry was part of the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the 1st Division, 1st Canadian Corps. So their patch was a Red square with the top half of a Red circle on top. You would have to check which Militia unit their were fed their recruits from to determine their ‘colours‘ or even if they had some. Many units in the 1WW were fed by several draws from across the country and their battle honours were distributed to the units whose troops made up the most of the unit at the time of the battle (In theory anyways). Some units only had ‘Kings‘ Colours which would have been a variation of the Red Ensign, so it still comes back to Red. You may want to try your luck for more info on some of the Militaria sites, Canadian history is fairly popular. Hope that helps. js
A quick check of some sources (I‘ll do anything to get out of helping the wife set up the Christmas tree) revealed two present infantry regiments provided contributions to the 7th bn CEF in 1914

The Royal Westminister Regiment contributed 6 Officers and 140 men in 1914 and perpetuates the 7th Bn.

Two old BC Militia units the 88th Victoria Fusilers and the 50th Regiment also contributed to the 7th CEF. These regiments were later amalgamated into the Canadian Scottish Regiment .

Therefore the 7th Bn are the ancestors of and perpetuated by both the C Scot R and the RWR.

Hope that helps