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21st Battalion CEF

swellal said:
Anyone looking for information on the 21st Battalion CEF can feel free to contact me at swellal@hotmail.com or visit http://21st-battalion-2.tripod.com/page1.html This site contains over 900 photos from the 21st Battalion.

I am the archivist for the PWOR and have the remaining files of the 21st Bn and the PWOR


I just wanted to post an update to the post.  I am no longer associated with the PWOR or it's archives.  I am still the webmaster of the 21st Battalion website, and it now has over 1,700 photos posted, all from the 21st Battalion CEF.  The vast majority of the men are identified in the photos.

I now maintain a personal archive for the 21st Battalion and it's history.

Just to update this thread, I have returned to the PWOR Archives and currently work at continuing the job of organizing and cataloging their holdings.
Well Stacked we were on parade together last Thurs for the Vimy Parade.  I was formed up with the Association.

Also to bring the information up to date here, the 21st Battalion website has moved to http://21stbattalion.ca

Just as an addendum , I highly recommended the Battalion History 'Ordinary Heroes" as referenced  in the website above.

No particular association with the 21st myself other than spending more years than I care to mention at one of Kingston's fine institutions.