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14 CDN. FD. AMB.


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Hello all,
I have a picture here that is stamped on the back 14 CDN. FD. AMB. R.C.A.M.C. 13 or 17 JUN 1942, "B" Company Orderly Room. The picture was among the effects of my late aunt So I was wondering if it might have been one of my uncles. Any information on the regiment would be appreciated.
Wilsteev :cdn:
I believe they served with the Third Canadian Division, which trained in Canada then went overseas to the UK, and landed in Normandy on D-Day.
Thanks can anybody advise further. I have put the photo up on the gallery site.Also included here.
Photo is supposed to be of my father, who arrive in Normandy D-day + 1. Dad servered with varies units during the course of  WWII> Light AA, provost( till the motorcycle incident)Black watch possibly others spoke of being number 2 on the Bren gun dint remember if He mention a unite served in France, Belgum, and Holland