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  1. R

    VOT-U ACSO to Pilot

    Im an ACSO OCdt in the ROTP civvy U program. I’m going to BMOQ mod 2 this summer, and I’ve realized that I would like to VOT-U to pilot. The directive in the BTL guide my ULO provides all OCdts says that they would like to approve transfers to preferred occupations, but we all know that doesn’t...
  2. P

    PRes Inf to PRes, Unknown CFAT Score

    Hi! I am currently a Corporal in a PRes Infantry unit. I have written up my memo to VOT to an MP unit in my area. I have been in the Forces for three years now. I can't recall my CFAT score, and I am anxious that I didn't meet the requirement when I took the test at 16. When my memo is sent...
  3. S

    HCA vs. LogO (Air) - Duties + Postings

    Background: 14 yrs in 9 yrs Infantry Reservist - Class B 3 yrs in Post-Secondary - ROTP Currently a TDO. Never been Posted yet... Putting in a VOT for HCA + LogO (Air) Which trade is better in terms of postings/deployments (I know, a broad question, open to opinion). Currently hoping to...
  4. TheAngryCpl

    2022 Voluntarily Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    Hello all was wondering how everyone is doing for their VOT! Decides to start this year's OT thread to keep updates on when offers start trickling in. This is my 3rd time OTing from Armoured to Veh Tech. And if this OT doesn't go thru I have decided to not resign my contract. As it ends in...
  5. TheAngryCpl

    VOT and Contract Expiration

    Hello everyone I had a few questions. So a few things I have been trying to OT for the last 3 years, every year I make the cut but always get a non offer I know the trade is red and my current trade is green so I have no idea what's going on with that lol Anyways this is my last attempt to OT...