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  1. paalerik

    job with the CAF ?

    Hey, I started the recruitment process autumn 2022 while living in Rivière du Loup, my detachment was Rimouski and the guy told me to ask for infantry related activities. So I listened to the introduction stuff and registered for the CFAT in French where I scored 39-60 and was qualified. Did my...
  2. V

    MPAC dates

    Hello, does anyone know when MPAC dates are for this year? (For Military Police)
  3. J

    Soldier for a day recruiting event.

    The caf have posted a recruiting event called Soldier for a day. Now by the name and sjort description i can already guess that this is to show us a day in the life of a caf member. But does anyone know what kind of activities could be taking place on that day and will they divide people by...
  4. J

    Is regularly messaging my recruiter really gonna make the recruiting process faster?

    I reapplied about 1 month ago for an infantry position in the regular force. My CFAT being already done i was told the process would take between 3-6 months. Now recently i was told by a friend who was in 5-6 years ago that he got in faster by "annoying" his recruiter ever 3-4 weeks and that...
  5. Nightingale93

    Wounded Finger/Medical Question

    Hi there. I am new to these forums and also currently in the processing of enrolling into the CAF. My MOS preferences are Aviation Systems Technician and Materials Technician. I just recently did my medical exam yesterday, and was given 2 forms to bring to my doctor. The first is a general...
  6. T

    Applicant status closed

    Would like to know if this is common. Applicant status is closed but the next step is still showing medical/interview. I've done medical and online interview.
  7. C

    A confusing scenario

    As the title states! I’m being a little vague, but as for the context: I was offered a position, but then this position wasn’t actually available. My Recruiter opted to ask to waive my score to join a different trade that the unit has need for (not just reattempt the CFAT) I am not going for...
  8. J

    Can I join signals with incredibly mild asthma

    I applied to the army in 2016 and the RMO sent me a letter saying I am medically unfit because I had been regularly prescribed a ventolin inhaler which is meant for relief during asthma attacks. I played junior a hockey at the time, never did use the inhaler but the trainer said he wanted one on...
  9. A

    Psychiatric concerns for enrollment help

    Hi, So I’m currently applying to be an medical assistant for the reserve. Ive had ptsd, depression and anxiety, for which I have completed my treatment and have no symptoms left since jan. 2021. I still take my celexa but could come off it if necessary. I have no problem performing well under...
  10. executiee

    Didn’t even get my RMO letter in the mail. What do I do now?

    Hello everyone! I’m here because I have decided to reapply into Reg Force instead of ROTP. I didn’t get in because of my medical. After reading this forum two years ago I decided to take people’s advice and wait a while before reapplying. Two years past and I have realized that I didn’t even...
  11. M

    Question regarding service and return to civilian life

    Hello all, new member here. I would like to pose a hypothetical regarding service in the CF that I hope someone can shed some light on for me. If I decide to serve in the CF for any length of time, and I later leave the CF back to civilian life and then become politically active (let's say in...