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  1. ThisIsMajorTom

    CFAT result

    Hello, I recently passed my CFAT, in which I honestly didn't expect to achieve. I found the CFAT to be actually really difficult, just the limited time alone, that is why you really should at least if not study but practice for it. To make things short they said I met the cut-off score for...
  2. N

    Packing for BMQ questions

    Hello all, Just going over everything I need to bring to BMQ (August 20th), As far as baggage is concerned I have a backpack and a hard shell suitcase, (Black, Air Canada, Plain in appearance) I'm concerned my current backpack isn't plain enough as specified by the Kit list, This is what it...
  3. questions1234

    Is Reserve Military Police Officer (montreal area) worth it/what's job like?

    Hello, I have a psych degree, a police foundations degree and few other assorted certifications. I am looking to join military reserves in montreal area and am wondering what trade would be best, i have a friend who is in reserves and told me recruiters lie and to post here for additional...