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  1. Torlyn

    Is the Canadian Naval Reserve all but finished?

    Morning, Hopefully I can provide some clarification. NAVRESHQ is looking for 400 people, to determine training requirements, desire, ability to deploy, etc.  These 400 people will not be trained beyond the scope of what would normally be expected for someone who is looking to potentially take...
  2. Torlyn

    Is the Canadian Naval Reserve all but finished?

    All good comments and questions...  As things stand right now, please remember that we're looking at NST from a pre-IOC phase.  While we have the concepts created, we are working on making that concept a reality. Using the Class A framework is going to be the largest stumbling block we have...
  3. Torlyn

    Major Conflicts - Lessons Learned?

    Umm...  There's nothing "straw man" about his statement.  He's said that he is, as far as the CF goes, an SME for Naval aviation warfare.  He has, in no way, shape or form, misrepresented who he is, or where his opinions come from. It's funny, by definition, you, calling his statement a "straw...
  4. Torlyn

    Navigation radar

    Yes, the CCS gets a feed from the KH, but we still get ARPA information from the KH directly on the bridge.  The KH unit on the bridge itself doesn't receive a feed from CCS, rather it feeds in, right?
  5. Torlyn

    Navigation radar

    You mean an automatic function of CCS or the KH for ARPA, and AIS?  That's a JR Mars bar on the bridge!  ;) By "extra" X-band, are we talking about the furuno (Sea chicken)?
  6. Torlyn

    Navigation radar

    Combined as in x & s, or combined as in surface / air? SOLAS requires that we have 2 RADARs for a ship our size.  Vessels over 300 tons require an X band, vessels over 3000 tons in addition to an X band require an S band.  There's nothing on SOLAS or COLREGs that says they may (or may not) be...
  7. Torlyn


    From a STP MSEO, because one of the ships a few years ago had mishap with the drill, and when they piped "Engineering Emergency" x2, they didn't hit the main broadcast, they hit the drill button they'd been practicing with.  If navigationally safe, the OOW is supposed to stop the engines, and...
  8. Torlyn

    MARS Time at Sea

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but there's quite a few MARS guys that surpass that as well.  I've been sailing for 5 years now, and the lightest year I have was 163 days, and the heaviest (granted, a gulf trip) was 279.  We do get shopped out to other ships, and with the introduction of the...
  9. Torlyn

    Jogging vs. Sprinting

    Um, you were talking about the time that jogging takes up, and you believe this article is showing the better way? Per the article: Warm up - 10 minutes Sprints - 8x30 seconds.  4 minutes. Rest and recovery between each set - 3x8 minutes.  24 minutes. So, your high speed workout has just...
  10. Torlyn

    Liberal Def Critic Trying Freelance Trip to AFG

    He's posturing.  I've helped 2 professors from Calgary get trips to Afghanistan, by following the proper channels.  They're teachers, for Pete's sake.  He's posturing, and everyone knows it, but it helps sell the liberal agenda by playing it this way to the military.  Sickening. T P.S.  The 2...
  11. Torlyn

    Halifax-based ship set for Mideast deployment

    RUMINT has my ship heading there in the spring.  It'd be fantastic to get a gulf tour in this quickly.  (crosses fingers)
  12. Torlyn

    French Foreign Legion

    Since when did U of A start offering a Criminology diploma program?  I've got my Crim degree from Calgary, and it was 4 years, as is the one I found on the U of A website.  Could you perhaps copy a link to the 2 year program?  I'm interested to see how the U of A has expanded on what I...
  13. Torlyn


    Same here...  I might have to watch it again to find out.  :)  Great flick though. T
  14. Torlyn

    IAP and missed day.

    All things considered...  They're not NCM people...  They're CF people, as are we.  You might mean it in jest, but all it takes is one to take it the wrong way.  Midships.... T
  15. Torlyn

    I GOT A CALL FOR the NOAB" Threads

    IIRC, It was around the middle of March...  I was in the middle of MARS III, so dates got quite blurry for a while there... T
  16. Torlyn

    I GOT A CALL FOR the NOAB" Threads

    They've already run one through the west coast here...  I believe the next one is in Halifax, but you'd have to check with your recruiter to find out for sure.  Good luck, T
  17. Torlyn

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    How do you believe a non-military body would be better capable of making policy decisions for the CF?  It seems that you're asking a governmental body to create and institute those changes with no input from the military.  This would be an improvement?  I'm not sure how the results would be more...
  18. Torlyn

    Pay & Deductions Sheet / Storage Allowance

    No, none of that "extra" stuff is included.  I was unaware that Zellers paid $15 an hour, offered the same pension as the CF, gave you all your uniforms / kit for free, free medical care, relocation expenses, cost of living allowance, seperation pay, free gym membership, (did I mention free...
  19. Torlyn

    Victoria Army.ca Meet - 1 Dec 06

    As per, I'm in.  Might not be able to grab the tab this time, I'll try and work in a 50-50 the mean time, but no promises.  ;) T
  20. Torlyn

    Just a question....

    1.  Keeping topped off.  As the top speed of our AOR's is rather slow, we keep full up in case we have to go buggering off to save some part of the world.  Always have a full tank. 2.  SO many variables...  Are we at full speed?  Cruising speed?  I believe (and someone will correct soon if I'm...