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  1. Snapshot007

    BMQ Answers

    I've read through the forums and have come up with a little "manual" that I hope helps answer those burning questions, especially the ones I had before going off to my training. Inspections: You will be assigned to a platoon which will have 2 instructors (an IC and a 2IC), they will be the main...
  2. Snapshot007

    C7A2 RIFLE

    During my weapons test, I loaded in 4.96 and unloaded in 7.98.
  3. Snapshot007

    Saving the shins/lower back on ruck marches

    During BMQ, you will do 4 ruckmarches (3km, 6.5km, 9.75km and a 13km followed by a 25m casualty drag). For the infamous 13km march, I'd highly suggest using good quality foot powder and mole skin...especially in the summer. We prepared our feet the night before because that following morning we...
  4. Snapshot007

    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    You will do the CF Express twice, one during the first week and one in week 8. At grad, there will be top male and female athlete award...FYI. ;)
  5. Snapshot007

    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    I have never done a 20m beep test until I did BMQ and I passed. The minimum for us women is 4 and guys is 6, I got 6 and I don't run all that much. What happens is you start off with a PSP staff, they run up to level 2 to help set the pace, from there you are on your own. Everyone passed the...
  6. Snapshot007

    Firing Position - Resting magazine on ground

    You should not rest the magazine on the ground whilst shooting because it can cause stoppages and can cause the instructors to give you good coaching/jacking. Yes a fuly loaded magazine is a bit heavy along with the C7 (C7 alone is 7.5 pounds). I think a 30 round magazine fully loaded is a pound...
  7. Snapshot007

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    SQ is 28 days long and is done all army trades and if needed the purple trades. Heard its tough and for my platoon, they were sent there after BMQ. Some went to Valcartier, some Gagetown. For navy personnel, they do 5 weeks of fleet school at either Esquimalt or Halifax. They learn...
  8. Snapshot007

    So, I think I may have screwed up!

    What I found helpful to do more push-ups is 1) do lots of upper body workouts especially triceps, dips and such....and 2) I have a backpack with about 20 pounds inside which I do push ups daily with. I do 5 with the back pack on wait a minute or so then do 10 without the back pack. Do that a...
  9. Snapshot007

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    A week to adjust to a new sleep schedule?...I'd give it about a month. I uesd to work rotating MAD shifts and believe me a week is nothing. Once the plant closed, I started a new job which was days and it took almost a month for my body to adjust. When it comes to preparing yourself for a new...
  10. Snapshot007

    Advice for a Recruit

    I've been reading through these posts and have spoken to various people who have been to BMQ and it really all seems to come down to attitude. Seems like the instructors are there to help but on the other hand if they smell weakness they will prey on it...its easy to say its immature in one...
  11. Snapshot007

    August 2010 BMQ

    I just joined as well...hope to see you all there. :cdn:
  12. Snapshot007

    August 2010 BMQ

    I'm heading out in August as well, will make my application about 9 months.
  13. Snapshot007

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Center: CFRC Kingston Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Supply Technician (navy) Trade Choice 2: Naval Communicator Trade Choice 3: Application Date: Cct 16 CFAT: early Nov 2009 Interview: Same day as CFAT Medical: Day after CFAT and interview Merit Listed...
  14. Snapshot007

    BMQ Selection?

    My BMQ starts August 2nd and I applied Oct 15th...wow, long process. Its strange to read that some seem to do PT at their recruiting centre, they never did that for me.
  15. Snapshot007

    April 2010 BMQ

    That makes sense because when I called to ask a question I had to leave a message and when they returned my call the lady said something about April but I wasn't 100% sure what she meant. Regardless, hope they have some good news.
  16. Snapshot007

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    Just out of curiosity, can we bring cell phones, cameras, and laptops? If so, where are they stored? How many times per day do they run at BMQ? If we bring our own cars, the battery will lose charge after (I think) two weeks if its not run, do they have assistance for us or are we calling CAA...
  17. Snapshot007

    April 2010 BMQ

    I applied for Naval SUPP TECH back in October, I called them last week and they said something about calling back in and around April if I haven't heard from them ssoner. Looking forward to it. My current employer knows about my application and they're giving me a bit of a hard time. Nice huh? I...
  18. Snapshot007

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    For me: Applied in Kingston for Naval Supply Tech Applied Oct 16, 2009 Believe it or not, I got my CFAT and interview (on same day) done in the beginning of Nov Medical the day after I called them back last week and they said all is good, just waiting for my position to have a vacancy. I...
  19. Snapshot007

    Running: Training, Problems, Techniques, Questions, etc

    BEGINNING TO RUN At first my running was awful, I ran for what seemed a minute then had to stop for a minute or two then run again and so forth. I decided to try the treadmill at my local gym and started off 10 minutes at a time on speed 4 and 0 incline. This went on 3 times per week for about...