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  1. Parabellum02

    MSE OP dp 1

    Reserve or RegForce? I did the reserve MSE-Op DP1 and it was basically a big driver wheel course. The first couple weeks or so are in the classroom and you will do a couple online courses (safe driving I think?). Afterwards you'll hit the road as a student driver and get qualified on some...
  2. Parabellum02

    Let "The Journey" Begin

    So recently I've been hearing a lot of discussion on potential plans to make the CAF a "one component" styled military, as opposed to having two main components. (I'm not sure what the status of the supplementary reserves will be). Is there any truth to this? I've witnessed heated debate on this...
  3. Parabellum02

    The Canadian Rangers Merged Thread

    Hi all, I have a few questions regarding the Canadian Rangers, but I want to give a tiny bit of backstory so you understand why I'm asking. First of all, I have successfully completed the application process of the army reserves in my area, however shortly after being sworn in, a medical issue...
  4. Parabellum02

    Asthma & the CF (merged thread)

    Thanks for the reply, that answers my question.
  5. Parabellum02

    Asthma & the CF (merged thread)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this website but have a question regarding asthma that (as far as I can see) has not been answered. When I was a child, I had very mild asthma, however, Recently I did a pulmonary test that confirmed I did NOT have it anymore. My question is; Would I be allowed to...