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  1. niner domestic

    Kudos to HMCS Toronto on rescue of Yemeni soldier

    The ship and her company have rescued a survivor of a volcano eruption as well as recovered the bodies of the survivor's colleagues. Three other survivors were found by the NATO fleet.  The assistance of the NATO ships was requested by the Government of Yemen and the survivors are Yemeni...
  2. niner domestic

    Goal: Aid In Afghanistan

    I taught Mitch when he was a very young OCdt.  He's a bright, funny and deeply compassionate and vibrant individual about life, his work, his colleagues and yes, even his essays.  He was one of those individuals that long after the grad parade, you kept track of what he was up to and how he was...
  3. niner domestic

    Can you identify this for me?

    I'm with you Signalman, I'm loving being here in Trenton and having my own personal airshow everyday.  Between the C-117 coming in last week, the CF-18 flitting about on Sat and the show and tell of the US Globemaster last night, it's been awesome.   I'm finding the trains to be much louder...
  4. niner domestic

    Soldier On Charity Celebrity Golf Tournament - Trenton - Aug 22, 2007

    Hello Everyone, I've spoken to Mike and he has given me permission to post this message and notification of the Golf Tourney for the Soldier On Charity.  I apologise for the short fuse, but hopefully we'll see some of you out there tomorrow night and Wednesday.  (Globesmasher, now you know why...
  5. niner domestic

    Halifax Accommodations and Things To Do Thread [merged]

    I'll add to the list that while in the Mahone Bay area, try to take a side trip up to Chester and Lunenburgh.  Lunenburgh is where the Blue Nose I and II had their keels laid in the shipyards there.  The towns are very pretty and typical of the Maritime colour and flair for home design.  One...
  6. niner domestic


    I'm up for a board on music et al as well.  Perhaps we could think about dividing it up into Pipes and Drums, (with a sub board for competitions/Highland Games), Military Bands (with sub boards for CF, Brits, US and Aussies as well as a smaller sub board for Marching, Dance and Concert Bands -...
  7. niner domestic

    Abbotsford Airshow Sat 11 Aug 2007

    We just got back from seeing her land in Trenton.  She sure is purdy! I took some pics but I'll need to resize them and I'll post them later.  There was quite the crowd waiting for her to come in, and a big cheer went up when she touched down. 
  8. niner domestic

    All You Want To Know About Bagpipes[ and then some]- Merged

    TN, try www.viperpiper.org  There have been requests made in the past for the music and music has been sent.  or Contact the Cape Breton Gaelic school and ask for the sheet music to be sent to you.  or Contact the PDM at the Stad band and ask if they will give you a copy of a transposed...
  9. niner domestic

    Marines' new grooming standards

    I think you'll find the answers as to why the nail polish in red shades was chosen in this article: http://www.nps.gov/archive/wapa/indepth/extContent/usmc/pcn-190-003129-00/sec8.htm It was originally picked to match the colour of the red piping on their winter headgear.  There are also some...
  10. niner domestic

    regional cuisine in Canada (CBC)

    Like Robert Service noted, Strange things done in the Midnight sun... I'm surprized no one included bum gut in the recipes from up there...yum
  11. niner domestic

    Re: Army.ca pub night/meet and greet anyone? - Sir John A Macdonald Chapter

    Lord, I love that man.  Anyone notice that the older Connery gets the better he looks? We'll be attending the concert at Fort Henry which doesn't end until approx 2130.  So we won't be any earlier than that.  (I'll be the one trying to stop the ringing in my ears from the bells and big bangs...
  12. niner domestic

    Canada's First CC177 gets painted

    She's gorgeous! (and very spectacular!) Thanks GS. 
  13. niner domestic

    CC177 Initial Cadre Update

    Thanks GS for the update.  I can't wait to see them come in to Trenton! (they had better be spectacular to compensate for the loss of the golf course and no doubt they will!)
  14. niner domestic


    I remember last year when Toronto lost one of their horses to a hit and run.  The poor beast was catastrophically wounded and had to be put down on site by his fellow officers.  His name was Brigadier.  http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2136 His...
  15. niner domestic

    Richard Johnson Drawings and Post from Kandahar

    I think you'll find they are still very much around. http://www.kjbattles.blogspot.com/ http://www.artnet.com/Magazine/features/baghdadjournal.asp
  16. niner domestic

    Pte Wiebe, Cpl. Bouzane, Sgt. Karigiann Killed in Afghanistan Blast - 20 June 07

    We Will Remember. Then let's have faith; good cometh out of ill; The power that shaped the strife shall end the strife; Then let's bow down before the Unknown Will; Fight on, believing all is well with life; Seeing within the worst of War's red rage The gleam, the glory of the Golden Age...
  17. niner domestic

    The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

    The City has voted unanimously to keep the magnet ON the city vehicles.  Yay! http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070620/decals_vote_070620/20070620?hub=TopStories
  18. niner domestic

    The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

    Well, instead of getting upset I wrote to Mayor Miller... Dear Mayor Miller: This letter is in response to your City’s recent dictum that the City’s Fire trucks are no longer going to be allowed to sport a “Support Our Troops” magnet. As a spouse, mother and former CF member, I am informing...
  19. niner domestic

    The latest staff car?!?

    I think this would be cool to be using...
  20. niner domestic

    Bad Language and the CF

    We're not called Delegate 'N Dump for nothing... ;D