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  1. 3rd Horseman

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Sorry about the high jack it was a good thread for that I apologize, I know them both I did not confuse them. His stare never phased me. I will depart the thread and let the good discussion continue. 3rd Horseman
  2. 3rd Horseman

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Yawn, To make it clear to Royal Drew I did not call Mike out. Mike is a nice guy he was fun to have around as a young officer. That does not change the facts as a Gunner officer he was weak at best. Had a lot to do with too much hockey no field time and he departed the Regt early in his career...
  3. 3rd Horseman

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Yes you are correct I stand corrected the Aurora is what Im talking about. Didnt think anyone one would confuse a 1950s Bonaventure launched air craft with the "Tracker" being employed for surveillance in the desert in 2015, I just used the army slang for it Tracker. Cause thats what it does. I...
  4. 3rd Horseman

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    So much for "Deeds not Words" Larson is a no buddy, Roulue was weak in the Regiment at best other then hockey and being an CMR keener, did he not quiet the CF at one point? Combat is combat. The PM is lying as have they all lately, so is Larson.   This very argument about what is combat what...
  5. 3rd Horseman

    Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    Ah brings back fond memories of Guelph. You have all the info the boys above have directed you to so thats all good. I will give you a personal endorsement. 11FD Regt is a good Regt I enjoyed my 3 years there. The guns will let you do more things in a Army with your military future if you want...
  6. 3rd Horseman

    Plotters to calculators to computers, when did it happen?

    I know Im way way late but thought Id chime in after seeing this thread.....I dont spend much time looking back at gunner things anymore. Ben off the Army.ca net for a few years also but got a message to respond to so figured Id take a look at the gunner world.   I was on the Phase course that...
  7. 3rd Horseman

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Global National Two Part Series

    Nice to see Tess doing a fine job....neatguy! Well respected soldier who was wounded and still gave his all to save his friend and warn his unit. I salut you  :salute:   Always good to see publicity on PTSD. It always helps when it gets in the open. Glad to see that Tess is going to be helping...
  8. 3rd Horseman

    War Museum Controversy and Follow-up Thread [merged]

    War artists have always been an important part of Canadas battle history. In the past we have inducted them into the CF. If we just look to our past and the "War Arts Program" we have all the solutions to the current problems.......oh ya they would have to join......guess they would not so...
  9. 3rd Horseman

    Gnr Keyes-Oliver - 30 Fd Regiment - Killed in Training Accident in Petawawa - 25 Oct 08

    RIP Gunner Stand Easy you have earned it.   Thoughts go out to the family and friends and regimental family of Gunner Keyes-Oliver.  :cdn:Speedy recovery to the injured.   Thoughts to my old family at 11th Field who grieve one of their our own. 3rd Horseman 11th Field Regt 81-85
  10. 3rd Horseman

    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    meniOn   You pose a good question, one which has been argued about for years since the airforce and army got to feuding over who got to play with the toys in late WW2 and the Korean war air to ground support battles. This was when FACing was created and came to being in its current form.   I...
  11. 3rd Horseman

    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    Placing fighter jocks and scope dopes in the FAC roles was and still is a way of employing people who would otherwise not have a plane to call there own. Its a PY issue not a battle capability issue.   The studies that I have had a hand in crafting have always detailed a cooperative combined...
  12. 3rd Horseman

    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    Air force in the FAC teams doing strikes has been tried before and found to be a degradation in capability, this may have changed with the current ops. I await the after action points from this latest war to see if that view changes. As the lead FAC instructor for NATO in the last dust up (war)...
  13. 3rd Horseman

    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    After reading through the details and heated debate it is important to remember a few things about the issue that always get forgotten or the value they carry in the argument gets diminished with time or lack of undersanding. Points to remember when forming the argument for or against: 1. VAC...
  14. 3rd Horseman

    Op PRESENCE/Mali (Cdn mission/s, sitreps, etc. - merged)

    RIP Major, My thoughts are with the friends and family. :cdn: 3rd Horseman
  15. 3rd Horseman

    Sacrifice Medal Mega Thread

    Forgtten   Wait for it we all forgot what we were to get....as we have not even touched the surface of the POW medal! In Yugo we had POWs so not only is the WIA stripe confusing so is the Prisoner of War medal. Maybe its the special pension that goes with the POW medal is why they still drag on...
  16. 3rd Horseman

    Sacrifice Medal Mega Thread

    Great points Vern! and Tess had some thoughtfull comments. "Hostile Intent"  is the key to the disfunction of the medal......The first issue of the Wound Stripe had a "Hostile Intent" clause...thus the early wound strips were harder to get. For the guy trying for the wound strip from 31 years...
  17. 3rd Horseman

    Sgt. Scott Shipway Killed 7 Wounded- Sept 7/ 2008

    Another sad day. RIP Sgt we will never forget you. Speedy recovery to the wounded. :cdn: 3rd Horseman
  18. 3rd Horseman

    Cpl. Andrew Grenon, Cpl. Mike Seggie and Pte. Chad Horn - 2 PPCLI - Killed in Kandahar 3 Sep 08- 5 Wounded

    RIP soldiers, you will be remembered and never forgotten. :cdn: :cdn: :cdn: 3rd Horseman
  19. 3rd Horseman

    Sacrifice Medal Mega Thread

    Geo nice to hear from you, I could not resist the little male camp fire humour!   After the big CAV motorcycle accident in Gagetown last month I have a few more scares also to add to the body history. No medal for that just Road Rash Crest for the biker vest. 3rd
  20. 3rd Horseman

    Sacrifice Medal Mega Thread

    Army Vern....Bang on the nail head.    The minister proposed this and cut the paper work back in 05/06 the date the actual proposal hit the desk would be the date as you have indicated. He and I spoke on the subject and I voiced my concern about the medal. I suggested the wound strip was better...