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  1. Run away gun

    "RMC to run up $415K tab on bar renovations"

    Good to know in a time where the rest of the military is making cuts...
  2. Run away gun

    New Rucksack

  3. Run away gun

    JTF-2 Selection

    They are purple just like the whole rest of CANSOF. They wear the tan beret with whichever DEU they fall into. Now, them wearing DEUs... funny thought.
  4. Run away gun

    What song is stuck in your head?

    If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.
  5. Run away gun

    JTF-2 Selection

    You are going to have to go there and find out for yourself if you are really that interested in what they do and how they do it. As much has you find on the CANSOFCOM site is as much as you are going to get here.
  6. Run away gun

    JTF-2 Selection

    Someone has to cook the meals and keep the vehicles going for the guys out there doing the sexy stuff...
  7. Run away gun

    Tattoo Photo Thread

    You can still get tattoos on the hands as long as they are not offensive.
  8. Run away gun

    Potential career effects of not having deployed to Afghanistan

    Young officers since the dawn of time have been leading men and women who have served in different operational theaters than themselves. After WW2, after Korea, after the Gulf, after Kosovo, after Somalia, etc. There has always been junior officers who didn't "get in on the action" and yet they...
  9. Run away gun

    How Soon After Enrollement Can You Be Deployed Overseas

    Well you will do your basic training then be sent to PRETC to wait for trades training, you may do SQ in the mean time. Your QL3 Sigop apprentice course (trades training) is approximately 6 months. By this point you will have at least a year in the military. Then you will be posted to a unit...
  10. Run away gun

    for a SIG OP, which Infantry BN is best?

    It is a crap shoot really. I know sigs posted to an infantry battalion right off their 3s. Others never get there. Some people deploy in the BG CP, others are out with the companies, others are platoon signallers, or out with the RCIED teams or the OMLT/POMLT and even still others are working in...
  11. Run away gun


    Sorry I don't. That is just what was passed on to us in an O group. " Field pay has to be paid out before 1 Apr 09 "
  12. Run away gun


    That is what I understood.
  13. Run away gun


    Also to add to my last, there are still lots of things that need to be sorted out; Like for example, how many days in a month equal a point? Is everyone getting backpaid at the first incentive, or at whatever incentive they currently fall under? I am sure there are lots of others, and...
  14. Run away gun


    Right now it is the CLS order that all field pay will be paid out before 1 Apr 09. Also, if your unit has completed the paperwork, you still have to wait for clerks all across the board to finish off the paperwork for everybody, then everyone will get the pay all at once.
  15. Run away gun

    Canadian Forces feeling strain over 2010 security

    Word in LFCA is that 2 RCR is the lead unit for ground troops to the olympics, to coincide with their preparations for high readiness. However I am sure there will be lots of troops from other 2 brigade units and also 1 brigade units out there. But with 3 RCR coming off high readiness and...
  16. Run away gun

    All things LASIK surgery (aircrew/other -- merged)

    Yes you can switch trades in your first year, however it will be a little hard to convince them with a V4 eyesight on record why you want a trade that requires V3 vision. Good luck with that one.
  17. Run away gun

    Is this even possible? Postponing or Splitting Time Between BMQ and 3's

    Not necessarily. You are joining a purple trade and will probably not do any environmental courses till you get posted too that element since after your 3's you could be posted to an army base and never use it. It is a waste of a training spot. You will more than likely get SQ, or NETP or...
  18. Run away gun

    Following basic training...

    Because within purple trades there are still quotas for how many people within that trade can wear green, black and blue uniforms. Now if say the army DEU was understrengthed and the navy DEU overstrengthed due to releases or other reasons, it would be completely fathomable to see some pers...