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  1. TacticalW

    Anti-Taliban Protests.

    Sad story I've gotta say, but there were already many atrocities like this although not so deliberate and outwardly vicious (one being the bombing in Kandahar that inflicted "mass"-civilian casualties which). I would say this is the best time to get more aggressive and go with the momentum...
  2. TacticalW

    Here I Go

    Aight, the ceremony is done and I'm enrolled. Going out in 2 days and looking forward to it :) The only bad bits are that I'm still not getting much sleep and I've pretty much chosen to maintain what I have. I've been really busy getting everything together, but it's all done now and having a...
  3. TacticalW

    Rolling Stone Embeds with the Taliban

    Hehe, I wonder exactly how high the casualty rate is from those accidentally detonated IEDs... large I hope. Large enough for them to make this rule :) How can we deny the Afghans their god given right to use cell phones at night? Let those calls be senteth I say for the good of freedom :D
  4. TacticalW

    What book are you reading now?

    Yep, it's been a big seller. I've read World War Z which was pretty good and by the same guy but not this one. I'll probably get it later, but I "did" enjoy the one I read quite a bit.
  5. TacticalW

    Passchendaele movie

    Just got back from watching it, pretty similar to the Calgary crowd here in Vancouver. Here's to Canada :cdn: Very intense battle scenes and the effects were amazing.
  6. TacticalW

    NATO Blinks, Calls For Forces To Retreat From Taliban If Civilians At Risk

    I don't think I'm the only one who suspects that this might encourage a lot more activity with many taking up arms because they feel as if they can get paid and go through with these acts with impunity. I agree in part with Harris, but in the end we can't really be sure exactly which effect will...
  7. TacticalW

    Here I Go

    Thanks guys and I'll make sure to have both corners covered for BMQ. I've been injured many many times now from overdoing it and I know when to stop and take a break, I'll be pushing it up a notch but if I ever get a sharp pain anywhere I'll make sure to take a break for a day or two before it...
  8. TacticalW

    October 2008 Reg Force BMQ - All locations

    Hehe well alright I'll narrow it down, I'm 6'2", fairly built, speak Russian semi-fluently, will wear a black zoo york t-shirt and a green hoodie when I fly in and will have a nano-ipod which will be detained for eventual use. Bloody excited and I'll be pushing things quite a bit for the next...
  9. TacticalW

    October 2008 Reg Force BMQ - All locations

    +1 you'll be seeing me around :) I'll be the short haired Caucasian male :D
  10. TacticalW

    Here I Go

    Wow, 2 days after my merit listing I got a job offer (just now), and I'll be flying to St. Jean at 25th of October and course will start on 27th. That was way faster than I could've thought, really excited and can't wait  ;D (bound to become nervous shortly before and at the start) Here I was...
  11. TacticalW

    The 2008 Canadian Election- Merged Thread

    Gooooo CONSERVATIVES! Well, you know who I voted for (and everyone I know) :o Here's to a group effort in DT Vancouver :D Watching the counters avidly on CBC atm :)
  12. TacticalW


    So let me get this straight, you haven't run in a year and with undeveloped legs and cardio you went 8km in 30 minutes on your first run since then? Anyways, yes that's good enough, just don't forget to include pull-ups and chin-ups to your workouts and you'll be fine.
  13. TacticalW

    Here I Go

    Fantastic news! I finally got merit listed and was told I should get an offer fairly soon. Crossing my fingers for in a few weeks, for now I'll be busting my butt increasing my mileage for running and I'll be concentrating on raising my push-up count as well as starting to do chin-ups (the only...
  14. TacticalW

    LRAD - Long Range Acoustic Device

    Well I'd say this would be a definite help to deter potentially hostile situations without going lethal. Why use bullets when you can use this in those less hostile but potentially escelating situations. I'd say this would make the populace generally a bit more happy as well seeing less of a...
  15. TacticalW

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Just got back from hiking with a 19kg backpack for 7km in 69 minutes, thank god I got a proper backpack, using the last one "killed" my upper back. The straps and metal poles really help. Anyways, now reading "the Standard of Honor" by Jack Whyte, really great historic book with a bit of fiction...
  16. TacticalW

    A scarier strategic problem - no people

    I recall there being an article on how Israel told Canada it was concerned that its stance towards them might change because of the rising muslim population. I suggest we all start making babies and contribute to the welfare of the country and our allies  8)
  17. TacticalW

    Hate Springs Yet Again

    Just ignore that girl, from the looks of it her IQ is that of a lima bean and she "really" needs to go back to grammar school. What an ignorant a**wipe.
  18. TacticalW

    Good News

    Congrats, now if only it didn't take so damn long to get to those forms that were handed in on September 18th physically into the CFRC, those forms aren't even registered as "being there" yet. It's really irritating me, I'll get a file check on Wednesday again and then ask some questions on...