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  1. Navy_Blue

    anyone involved with OP DISTINCTION?

    Hello folks, Just looking to see if anyone has any info on OP Distinction?  For those that don't know its in relation to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  My name was submitted to participate and I was wondering what a typical day looks like.  Many years ago I spent a summer on the hill working...
  2. Navy_Blue

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    The RN uses propane and pans with vegetable oil to add the heat and black smoke conditions you would want in a fire.  if your crash stops could drop lids on big pans of vegi oil the system would still be safe and you might use the same trainer.  Just thought. :salute:
  3. Navy_Blue

    Status on Victoria-class Submarines?

    There is very little truth in the latest news.  It is actually old news.  The Engine is fine it is the generator that is U/S.  It has been that way for over 12 months and in that time the Windsor has sailed its arse off.  It would not be uncommon to see any ship go in for a "short work period"...
  4. Navy_Blue

    AWOL Charge

    It is very likely, that regardless of the pending charge her medical condition will have the release pulled and she will be retained by the CF until such a time that she is deemed free of the cancer.  She may even get a medical release at that point.  The message is out for her charge and all...
  5. Navy_Blue

    Sailors being sailors

    I like to see the good in people and do what ever I can to help people improve or maintain there health both physical and mental.  We all signed the dotted line and were explained that there is an expectation in this outfit we stay fit and stay out of drugs.  If we get into trouble with booze...
  6. Navy_Blue

    Sailors being sailors

    There is nothing perfect about me.  I am however a person who can have one or two beer and call it quits.  I have never even experimented with hard drugs.  I show up at work every day sober and eager to get things on the go so I can get my butt home to my family.  I'm a volunteer fire fighter so...
  7. Navy_Blue

    Sailors being sailors

    Like it or not we are standing in front of a slow deliberate steam roller of change.  One of the leading and most prominent issues is our health and the publics view of it.  Our drinking as little as a beer or two after supper at night (at home!!) is considered “hazardous drinking” if we do it...
  8. Navy_Blue

    Sailors being sailors

    This is the Navy I will forever remember and love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxMClWhWS2U I have met OD's who don't know what an AMR Party is. Gah!!
  9. Navy_Blue

    Sailors being sailors

    Listening to CBC this afternoon.  Wanted to smash the radio out of the dash.  I wish I had never experienced what the real navy was like.  Mind you it was the early 2000's and nothing as epic as the 70's 80's and 90's must have been like.  Every one I have talked with that was with me and has...
  10. Navy_Blue

    Status on Victoria-class Submarines?

    Here is the video :) Image Tech, Jacek Szymanski, collected footage from the VIC day sail on Monday. Attached is a link to the B-Roll being distributed to the media today via the Combat Camera web site. http://vimeo.com/37181280  I hope the rain gear the CDS has is a trial set.  I wouldn't...
  11. Navy_Blue

    "High-ranking sources": Canada considering nuclear subs?

    Dolphin Code 38  ;D We don't need nukes, we wont ever see nukes in my life time...Diesel or AIP is the way to go.  Even the US are considering a conventional sub program again.  They can have 4 to 6 subs for the price of one Virginia.  The Germans are developing effective light anti air...
  12. Navy_Blue

    "High-ranking sources": Canada considering nuclear subs?

    You guys have no idea how close we are to having no Subs.  Nukes are not going to happen.  It will be heart braking if these boats get canceled at the 11th hour.  We have spent so much money to this point and committed millions more for the future.  It will be just like the EH-101 the...
  13. Navy_Blue

    Paint Ship!!!

    Dam I must be getting old!  I always thought primer looked like "Red Lead."  That's what we called it a few years ago.  It is very strange seeing brown or gold or what ever on it.  Quest has a very strange paint scheme as well anyone know what that's about??  Happy to see our ships stay the...
  14. Navy_Blue

    Paint Ship!!!

    On my daily commute to the dockyard I have noticed Ship side grey isn't that grey anymore.  It seems our distinctive blue grey paint job is being replaced with a more brown sandy colour on the HMCS Halifax.  I guess it makes sense when we are dodging rockets of Libya and playing in the...
  15. Navy_Blue

    Space Agency, DND seek to launch rockets for Canada

    Unfortunately our conservative friends, (who support our organization more than most) like smaller government.  They would be more likely to support a private company over expanding a government program like the Canadian Space Agency.  As early as 2006 NASA wanted a private launch pad in Cape...
  16. Navy_Blue

    Study: CF Snipers "coping as well or better than regular soldiers"

    I don't think we should be connecting the statments from many years ago to those of our serving members.  Under the circumstances it was most likely more tactful then many things that could have been said. 
  17. Navy_Blue

    New replacements for HMCS Iroquois, HMCS Algonquin and HMCS Athabaskan?

    I know we have all heard this speech before over the last 8 to ten years.  From what the Admiral had to say last week our ship building plan has passed through parliament.  This means it will no longer be a good suggestion but the way we do business from here on out.  It means we will build a...
  18. Navy_Blue

    Arctic Sovereignty Submarine

    CO is a product of combustion.  Therefore CO is only an issue in the event of an engine run on after a SNORT.  When we are dived we do everything in our power not to burn anything  ;D.  We have several facilities to deal with lack of O2 and excess CO2.  Your biggest limitation to an SSK’s dived...
  19. Navy_Blue

    Tpr Larry Rudd KIA in Afghanistan: 24 May 2010

    It tares me apart more and more.  I'm the type of person that has always wanted to share the weight and the burden of his comrads.  Every time we loose someone I feel like I haven't been able too.  I don't want to be a hero and I don't want to die I'm just sick of seeing these guys die while I'm...
  20. Navy_Blue

    Col Geoff Parker killed in VBIED attack Kabul, 18 May 10

    :salute: It seems like it gets harder every time we loose someone. RIP Sir! :salute: