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  1. midgetcop

    Basic Up

    They should just profile me.  ;D
  2. midgetcop

    What religion do you consider yourself

    I was baptized as a Lutheran, but then raised in a fairly secular household (what do you expect from a household of Godless Swedes :D). I'd love to have an FSM bumpersticker. I don't think my girlfriend would much care for it, considering that she aspires to be a chaplain.
  3. midgetcop

    Basic Up

    I haven't even BEEN to basic yet, but even my mouth hung open when I saw that girl talking back during inspection. I thought the PO handled it pretty well, considering that she must have been digging herself into a giant trench at that point. Those ruck marches look tough! How much did they...
  4. midgetcop

    Bad idea: Taking pot to probation meeting - AP

    Thanks for the chuckle, Yrys. He obviously wasn't a very good criminal.  ;D
  5. midgetcop

    18 Apr 2008: Military jet crashes in Sask., pilots eject safely

    I'm relieved to hear that they're alive and safe. My wishes to their speedy recovery and return to flight.  :salute: Is it still too early to say: 'RIP seagull'..?
  6. midgetcop

    Cadet Smoking

    I'd be curious if any provinces actually *do* have it in the law books.
  7. midgetcop

    The Blood Pressure Superthread

    PMed - I didn't know they had one of those online. Thanks! :)
  8. midgetcop

    Poll: Ghosts - Real or not - Vote if you dare

    Those people get called "Spooky Mulder". ;) I've had a few of my own spooky experiences, but nothing concrete enough for me to distinguish between ghosts or an over-active imagination. But I've heard far too many stories from all types of people - there's no way I'm going to believe that all of...
  9. midgetcop

    Regarding the Rising Price of Fuel

    Damn...why did I sell that moped again..? :crybaby:
  10. midgetcop

    On menstruating, sharks, and parts --- a thread I recommend only for girls!!

    Men work *so* hard at being macho, but then turn into babies when it comes to "women's issues". It's like they plug their fingers in their ears and go "LALALALALALALA!" For the record, just jesting. ;D
  11. midgetcop

    Running: Training, Problems, Techniques, Questions, etc

    The iPod is a great tool for weight loss.  ;D
  12. midgetcop

    Medical exam - What do they look for on the skin part of the test?

    Not exactly sure what you're talking about....I don't specifically recall a skin-check during my medical. I already have a skin condition that I had to disclose, but the medical examiner didn't inspect my skin or the condition itself. Maybe someone else could shed some light on something I'm...
  13. midgetcop

    Question concerning police work

    What is it specifically that you want to ask?
  14. midgetcop

    Promise / Challenge

    The general consensus in the fitness community is to wait at least 48 hours before working the same muscle group. This will give those particular muscles adequate time to recover and repair themselves (this is when they're growing). So if you're looking out how to schedule your strength training...
  15. midgetcop

    Running: Training, Problems, Techniques, Questions, etc

    Big difference between a 'low carb diet' and generally reducing one's caloric intake (or specifically, carbs). Needless to say, consuming an adequate amount of carbohydrates is essential for health and exercise. Maybe 'low carb' is the wrong term. Adequate amounts and ratios of all...
  16. midgetcop

    Slobby guys create more work for wives - Livescience

    Well, the article even states: I don't know if they mean by that that men take on more outdoor chores, or that they tend to work longer hours at their jobs, or both. But although times may be a-changing...I'm sure if kids are involved, women are more often the ones to sacrifice work in order...
  17. midgetcop

    Off-duty medic highway hero

    That's fantastic! Good work, Patrick! PMedMoe - I'm sure I'll become more familiar with the legalities behind treatment when I become a medic, but what level of training can a medic provide in the civvie world? What level of first aid?
  18. midgetcop

    'Black hole' machine could destroy planet: lawsuit

    Sounds like a bad episode of the X-Files.
  19. midgetcop

    "Dead Spots" on feet... not entitled to Medical care?

    How did your family doctor conclude that you had irreversible nerve damage? What kind of tests did he/she conduct? I don't want to presume to know more than a doctor on any medical issue, but if it was just a matter of the doc conducting a quick physical and then making a diagnosis, I'd get a...
  20. midgetcop

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Q107 Classic Rock. :cheers: