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  1. mover1

    Cmbt CADPAT shirts

    hooahhh TN2IC Buddy you just inspired me. I can see you over there right now. Beer gut hanging over your belt loops. eating a KFC double down with last nights mustard on your t-shirt.  Still wearing your beret like the hardcore trucker commando you are. Bragging it up with the EME seals. I...
  2. mover1

    19 years old with no restraints but littel motivation.

    It's good to direct people on to further information, but you should really make sure that the information is accurate.  The standard for the casualty evacuation portion of the BFT on this website is wrong.  The drag is not performed in 60 seconds.  There is no time limit.  LFCO 24-02 or an...
  3. mover1


    Ok firstly what did the doctor say? Why didn't you ask him the best course of action to correct your "disappointing" blood tests How old are you? How much junk food, beer , pizza burgers do you eat on average. You know with a proper diet and good exercise you can reduce you cholesterol right...
  4. mover1

    Annual C7 refresher in winter - dress question

    So Tactical flying pants, T-shirt and a ball cap? oh man i think i am going to have book my training in the summer. Actually since I came to the flying word i am quite surprised on how switched on and adamant the Air Force is about its quals. No 9mm no flying over seas, no yearly CPR, no flying...
  5. mover1

    Tank maintenance back in the day (From: Canadian troops recieve Leopards in Afghanistan)

    Why is it the Track pads would always show up after a good piss up? Taking the fume extractor off and cleaning that out was my favoritest thing to do.  Or being the guy who had to go underneath the tank armed with the ratchet.
  6. mover1

    Military Discounts List

    Yeah  did show it thats why I wrote the e-mail in the first place.
  7. mover1

    Canadian troops recieve Leopards in Afghanistan

    Limassol Cyprus actually.
  8. mover1

    Military Discounts List

    Here is one for ya. I wrote Aeropostale to see if they had a military discount for serving members here in Canada such as they do in the states. The reply i got was that although they do not have a discount for the Canadian Military in Canada I could go to any Aeropostale store in Canada and...
  9. mover1

    Cmbt CADPAT shirts

    Someone complained about the velcro catching on stuff OHHH I see a new CP Gear piece of kit coming. A velcro cadpat cover to cover your velcro.. OMG genius...CP gear owes me!!!  ;D Seriously I think that this evolution is a long time coming.
  10. mover1

    Camp Mirage Superthread

    The flights for passengers will be a lot shorter once the Airbus starts going into theater. Thank goodness too.  I like you guys but I hate taking passengers. The C-17 is a great cargo aircraft but someone keeps insisting that we travel with pax and in those god awful seat pallets too. I get...
  11. mover1

    CH47 Chinook

    Talking to a few of the FE's and they said that they are pretty much used up and require a lot of man hours to maintain so bringing them back may not be a good idea or even a bad idea. Depending if we intend to fly them or use them as training aids. All we need is some mis informed defence...
  12. mover1

    Word association (just for fun)

    sharts (something one gets the morning after the wine and port on an overnighter in Portugal after a flight from hell where you thought you were in purgatory)
  13. mover1

    He's the Defence Minister, not a Navigator...good thing too;)

    We do share a border with California. Its called the Pacific Ocean.  sheesh. gawd guys give your head a shake, thats what he was talking about.  :-X PS the MND owes me a beer for making that excuse for him. (Olands Ex in a can please)
  14. mover1

    Entire Career in Infantry?

    I have seen guys do their entire 20 as an infanteer. My Brother did 24 with the RCR. My other Brother did his entire career with the Artillery. My other Brother did 3 years in the infantry now he smokes dope (says its for his back) and builds houses for a living in Alberta I remustered after 5...
  15. mover1

    Cpl. Felix Ngoviky Facing Court Martial- Toronto Sun Article

    Like our SSM said a long time ago. "If ya did it admit to it take you lumps like a man and we can get on with life and we wont worry about it" I also wonder how much og this story the MSM has wrong, how much is sensationalized etc. Is it just a summary trial they are talking about?
  16. mover1

    USAF C-17 crashes in Alaska

    oh that was hard to watch.
  17. mover1

    1950's Canadian Army Motor Cyclist Jacket

    Hey all Have two motorcyclists jackets Dated 1952 and 1 set of the riding pants. These are the over coats worn over the battledress and are made of canvassed rubber. Very good to excellent condition. Will send pics if requested. Asking 200 CDN for the one Jacket by itself and 350 CDN for...
  18. mover1

    SF: Lower profile = easier funding cut target?

    "The Canadian special forces have not fired a shot in anger on Canadian soil since they were created in 1993." And the CP-140's have never sunk a submarine. But what else have they done thats viable. Maybe we should focus on that. "Domestic counterterrorism, from cells intent on making and...
  19. mover1

    Dress rules established for transsexuals in military

    They have to pass the test of the Gender they choose to live by.
  20. mover1

    Dress rules established for transsexuals in military

    Um The last couple of trans genders I saw in uniform were wearing combats just like everyone else. And aren't they  (the Trans-genders) given a full psyche profile before they put the bod out for the mod? And those that are going to go for the mod have to dress or live like their chosen sex for...