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  1. RememberanceDay

    Wait in between applications

    No, he's had a history of depression, though, could that be it?
  2. RememberanceDay

    Wait in between applications

    Hey all, My friend just got his rejection letter, he applied for the reserves through a co-op, but was rejected due to being 'medically unfit'. It said that he had to wait a year from the start of his application to re-apply, yet others who got rejected from the co-op only had to wait six...
  3. RememberanceDay

    Natural (herbal) Remedy

    So, I've scoured the form, so forgive me if I missed anything, but does anyone know of the cf's stance on herbal (non medical) supplements? Or have a personal experience with it? Would I have to tell them about it (even low dose melatonin for those toss-and-turn nights) during the medical? Any...
  4. RememberanceDay

    Individual Meal Pack (IMP) [Merged]

  5. RememberanceDay

    Have Not Returned my Cadet Uniform

    At my corp, if you age out (not just quit), they let you keep your uniform. Certain parts, anyways. I'm not sure what they are, but I think the tunic is one.
  6. RememberanceDay

    Paintball is now a cadet approved activity but it comes with strict guidelines!

    Finally! We can play battle ship! YESSSS!!!!
  7. RememberanceDay

    Have Not Returned my Cadet Uniform

    As with the above, it's no big deal. Really.
  8. RememberanceDay

    How do i remove rust stains from CF Green dress shirts?

    LOL, experimentation for the benefit of the masses!
  9. RememberanceDay

    How do i remove rust stains from CF Green dress shirts?

    On the side, try vinagar. Put it in the wash, with some. Soak it too. May smell, but could work.
  10. RememberanceDay


    I wear surplus gear on a regular basis. My winter coat? Surplus. Shoes/boots? Surplus. Pants, shirts, etc? Surplus. All my travelling gear (Rucks, duffles)? Surplus. Tent? Surplus. Warm headgear? Surplus. You get the idea. I don't EVER try and pass myself off as a serving member, infact, I've...
  11. RememberanceDay

    How do i remove rust stains from CF Green dress shirts?

    Looking in the right places, I've found some for anywhere from 5-15$.
  12. RememberanceDay

    One time, on exercise....

    It was hotter and dryer than the sahara, but there was a whisp of cloud in the sky...
  13. RememberanceDay

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    I'd be a little grossed out if I heard MY mom having sex... But I wouldn't call the police over it. Reason #1 why headphones are a blessing.
  14. RememberanceDay

    Ask a Stupid Question.

    In that case, Brupper is my daily meal.
  15. RememberanceDay

    Ask a Stupid Question.

    Because it's the same meal... Lunch is dinner. I assume you mean Lupper.
  16. RememberanceDay

    Canadians are ignorant about defence/military

    Grade 10 history: Haha. What a joke. We covered WW1 for almost a month, I learned nothing I already knew. On the other hand, I have been studying the WWs and other CF events since I could read (about 2 years old... Sitting on my daddy's knee.). On many occasions, I taught the teacher. IN HIS...
  17. RememberanceDay

    WANTED: Daisy 853C Legend/Avanti AIR RIFLE

    Too late :P Meant to take this post down. I got one last August. Haven't shot my eye out yet, but if I do, I'll be sure to shoot out my blind one. :D
  18. RememberanceDay

    Ask a Stupid Question.

    She might not be the most pleased...
  19. RememberanceDay

    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    Ultimate laziness.
  20. RememberanceDay

    How to break up an Admiral

    Oh, you now owe me a new monitor and a cup of coffee.