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  1. ModlrMike

    Sept 2023 UKR Vet Recognition Incident (merged from several threads)

    It doesn't matter if the Speaker took responsibility. The PM is the head of government, and this was a government initiative. The PM is accountable. Period.
  2. ModlrMike

    My better eye is -4.5 D and my worse eye is -7.00 D, am I ok? I am not correctable to 20/20 vision

    After, because the questions you need to have answered will likely be in correspondence you receive from the medical folks.
  3. ModlrMike

    My better eye is -4.5 D and my worse eye is -7.00 D, am I ok? I am not correctable to 20/20 vision

    The common enrolment medical standard for vision is V4. Given the information provided, you may be assessed as being V5. I anticipate that you would need to see an Ophthalmologist as part of your recruiting process. Pursue your application, but have a plan B.
  4. ModlrMike

    Reserves - Occupational experience and full-time opportunities

    This is why I have a modified work plan for my full time staff.
  5. ModlrMike

    03.2023 until 03.2024

    Yes. To do otherwise would constitute a fraudulent enrolment which when discovered (as it would be), would result in a directed release. Looking at this, and your previous posts, should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that you are fundamentally unsuitable for service in the CAF, and likely any...
  6. ModlrMike

    Reserves - Occupational experience and full-time opportunities

    Yes, both NWO and MarTech would have about the same degree of opportunity, as would Cooks. It would be difficult to say how much training a MarTech would get at their home unit, without knowing where you are. The coastal units have the greatest ability to train in-house given their proximity to...
  7. ModlrMike

    Reserves - Occupational experience and full-time opportunities

    I can really only speak for the Naval Reserve, but if you want long term employment at sea, that's generally not going to be a problem. It will take you probably one to two years to get to where you are done recruit and basic occupational training, but then you're good to go. If you go in as an...
  8. ModlrMike

    Trudeau Popularity - or not. Nanos research

    The real question is can we just forbid him from coming back?
  9. ModlrMike

    Should I continue with my application for the CAF

    The CAF has done a great deal of work to foster a climate of inclusion. There will always be challenges in an organization as large as the CAF, but you can be assured that if someone crosses the line, they will be vigorously dealt with. I'm not going to say there haven't been issues in the past...
  10. ModlrMike

    Trudeau Popularity - or not. Nanos research

    I know it's typically bad form to quote yourself... but I didn't think this needed to be posted twice:
  11. ModlrMike

    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    As much as the only poll that counts is on election day, here's an interesting take on what people feel is important. If this holds to election day, it will be particularly damning for the Liberals. Gen Z – Top Issues Facing Canada https://abacusdata.ca/genz-top-issues-facing-canada/
  12. ModlrMike

    Jimmy Buffett dead at 76

    Margaritaville singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett dead at 76 Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, who popularized beach bum soft rock with the escapist Caribbean-flavoured song Margaritaville and turned that celebration of loafing into an empire of restaurants, resorts and frozen concoctions, has...
  13. ModlrMike

    Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    The primary issue there is that it would leave a person effectively stateless. This is a violation of international law. Where this may not be an issue, is where a person has citizenship in more than one country, thereby not becoming stateless. Frankly, I don't have a problem with stripping...
  14. ModlrMike

    Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    Jack Letts is a British born Canadian who was born in Oxford to a Canadian father and British mother. While he has British citizenship by birth, his holding Canadian citizenship provides the Home Secretary the opportunity to strip him of his British citizenship. It appears this may have...
  15. ModlrMike

    Question re rel item . . .

    No, you cannot have your release code changed, but it can be annotated "disabled". How one goes about that, I do not know. Perhaps talking to VAC might help. Another avenue might be the Ombudsman's office. While you can't file an applicaiton for Redress of Grievance once you're released, the...
  16. ModlrMike

    How does the media view the CAF?

    You've clearly never read the poem Tommy by Rudyard Kipling.
  17. ModlrMike

    Business Class for TD Travel

    As someone who has to travel efficiently because I generally have non-government work to do on either side of my trips, I have taken to giving the clerks my travel plans. That way if there's a screw up... it's me.
  18. ModlrMike

    Preparing for running / jogging

    There's probably no real way to answer your questions. The reality is that during basic training, you will have some periods of PT, which may or may not, but probably will, involve running. How much and how far depends on who's leading the run. I would hazard that any running will start slow at...
  19. ModlrMike

    Applying as a PR

    Yes, it's called a Component Transfer.
  20. ModlrMike

    New Med Tech Training

    I did not say that they were covered by the licence of their Medical Director. I explicitly stated that they would be under the scope of the RCMS.