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    BMOQ May 5th, 2014

    I got the offer Tuesday morning, yes haha. Swearing in in a few hours in Toronto.
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    BMOQ May 5th, 2014

    After two years of waiting, I too, received an offer for MARS DEO. @lelliot, I also opened up my application in Hamilton before moving back to Toronto!
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    Alleged Institutional Racism/solutions in CAF (merged)

    The only reason I can see why people with ethnic backgrounds may take longer to process is because they lived outside of Canada for extended periods. Other than that, race/background does not really factor in. I am of Korean descent but was born and lived in Canada my whole life. My initial...
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    DEO 2013 financial year

    I guess it all depends on how much you really want to serve. It would be nice if they would tell us more details regarding our own applications but I think even the private sector fails to provide such information as well.
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    DEO 2013 financial year

    You will quickly learn that every applicant in in a different situation and the Canadian Forces' needs are also variable and sometimes unpredictable. Every year you are up against many different applicants who may be just as or even more competitive than you are. In regards to your chances of...
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    What if the position I want isn't open?

    Don't take a job you are not willing to spend the next couple of years doing. It really isn't fair to yourself to do something you don't really want to do and it isn't fair for someone who does. No offense, but your mom isn't the one signing the contract and she's probably just worried for you...
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    GC Key Login has been disabled for unknown reason?

    You're going to have to make a new one. I got this notice when my application was closed and I tried re-applying. After a couple hours of phone tag between GC-Key and CF, it just comes down to making a new one and informing CF of doing so. Even with a new GC Key the forces were able to...
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    Source, supporting documents and other documents needed for processing

    I called my local RC when I had such questions and they were very helpful. They even photocopied and sent out my documents for me. There are some documents you have to fill out and sign (background check, references and such). Maybe those are the source documents. Call the RC just to be sure.
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    Update Medical

    I was just wondering if I completed my medical process in February of 2012 and I did an update medical November 2012, would my medical file be good up to November 2013? Or would it be good up to February 2014? I did try to contact the medical technician at the RC but shes apparently on...
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    CFRC Toronto's phone down?

    It's true. I tried to contact CFRC Toronto as welll and I couldn't get through to anyone. I ended up just paying long distance and called Hamilton instead lol.
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    Education part of the Application

    I was in the same circumstance last year and do what DAA and George Wallace told you to do. If you are apply for a DEO position you should get a call from North Bay asking/reaffirming with you on whether or not you will be graduating April 2014 or not. At that point you may explain in more...
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    An update interview?

    Okay thanks a lot! I called in to further ask about this interview and recruiter said something about a change in interview format and they would focus on certain aspects of the old interview a little bit more. There is a possibility I don't need to get it done so hopefully I won't have to do it...
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    An update interview?

    I just handed in my final transcript proving my graduation status from university. I called in a few times over the week to make sure it got approved and that I got merit listed. I just called in today and my file manager said that I might have to do an update interview before I am merit listed...
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    DEO 2013 financial year

    I was wondering if anyone knows when the next selection date for MARS DEO is.
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    Terrorist Plot to Sabotage Canada-U.S. VIA Train Foiled

    Kudos! Proactive anti terrorism at its best.
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    Final Interview

    Seeing as he told me I would have to go through NOAB, maybe he was a little misinformed and outdated  ;D
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    Final Interview

    Oh and due to the fact that no is actually allowed to talk about the interview in details, I suggest talking to recruiters as much as you can about it. I found an older recruiter who helped me a lot by telling me how I should prepare without actually telling me what was going to be asked.
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    Final Interview

    A recruiter told me that if you choose two other trades, it will be beneficial for you to NOT include trades from all three branches, the army, navy, and air force. He said it would look as if you are not sure what you trade you actually want. I would say not to choose three trades for the sake...
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    Do NCSE and MSE officer applicants still complete NOAB?

    I believe they do not do NOAB anymore.
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    Medical Rejection: How to Appeal? [Merged]

    "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." Clever chap, Orwell. Love his work. Cheer up david, your experiencing liberty!  ;D